Project bags in play, kit winner

What makes a good project bag? It needs to be roomy enough to carry the yarn and the project. And I like an inner pocket to corral my essential tools. The project bag needs to fit in my tote, which also carries everything else I would otherwise carry in a handbag. I swap project bags in and out of my tote, depending on what kind of project I want with me.

This cat-themed bag from Grace’s Cases holds one of my current projects, the beginnings of an Embellishment Cowl. It’s a class sample. I love that the colors on the bag coordinate with the yarn. A happy accident?

Peek inside the Small Double Sack Divided Project Bag. It has a snap pocket between two sections that can each hold a 100g cake of yarn. Grace Fross makes beautiful bags; I have two of her totes, too. And she does custom orders!

This RBG-themed bag currently holds the beginnings of another Bonnie Isle Hat. I need to get a sample set up for class. The bag is from Nerd Bird Makery, and it has two pockets on the back wall inside.

As well as a little inspiration above the pockets. I’m pretty sure the bag is no longer available, though.

Knit Fit kit

But let’s get down to business! I loved reading all your comments on why you should be the winner of this bag full of goodies. And the winner of this Knit Fit kit is postmandeb! I’m sending you an email; please reply by October 10 with your mailing address. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll pick another winner.

I have one more bag to give away, but the winner will have to fill it on their own. This fun bag was a prize during knitting bingo at Knit Maine with Peacetree Fiber Adventures! The long handle loops through the short handle, and it makes a perfect wristlet. Pamela Howard is the winner of this bag. Please also reply to my email with your mailing address by October 10.

If you’re not the winner, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to walk and knit at the same time. You just need a small project bag that hangs on your wrist, and a small project that doesn’t take too much attention. A plain stockinette hat on circular needles would be perfect! I’m guessing that you have some things that might fit the bill.

What kind of bag do you like for your knitting project?

8 responses to “Project bags in play, kit winner

  1. In one of my walking/knitting adventures I used a waist pack that was lying around the house. The advantage to this turned out to be that when fastened around my waist with the pack in front, its shape (curved to be body shaped, but with a flat top) provided a bit of a shelf to rest the project on. I remember this feeling sort of useful.

  2. Cynthia Gaertner

    I need an elegant new bag to take to appointments or to carry Prayer Shawls in progress to Church.

  3. Loved the look at your project bags and projects! Congratulations to the winners 🙂

  4. Meredith Coelho

    I have soooo many bags! Some I made, I have a few that I bought, and the rest are repurposed goodwill purses. Part of my stash lives in some of them. I love a good bag.

  5. You forgot a project bag has to be made of cute fabric!! I love using bags that fit the season as well as fit my project. That’s my excuse for having so many bags and I’m sticking with it!!