RBG street mural refresh

Remember this RBG street mural?

September 2020

She got pretty grimy, and last year she had a facial to spiff her up.

August 2021

This weekend, she had a full-on facial.

Just before losing the rest of her 5 o’clock shadow
Brighter eyes, more detailed dissent collar
Good to go!

What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes. She looks ready to take on the world. I’m glad she’s here in the neighborhood.

Women’s rights are human rights; whoever thought we’d still be fighting for basic bodily autonomy again?

5 responses to “RBG street mural refresh

  1. Shopping Jam


  2. That’s WONDERFUL !! Your citizens must be a good lot, Michele ! May RBG never be forgotten; and may she turn up in other places too !

  3. She looks beautiful.

    Sadly, in our town, she’d probably be defaced in 24 hrs. PA is in danger of slipping back 50 years in November. Hopefully, that will not happen.

  4. What a great piece of art!