Quick trip to Sisters

Summer and time is running so quickly!

I went to Sisters to visit fellow Pie Bird Becky and her family. We went to a concert and made some music. We even remembered how to play our instruments, easy for me (just basic guitar) but Becky plays guitar, mandolin, and banjo, and it’s been a while.

Tim O’Brien and Jan Fabricius
Backyard music accompaniment
Our audience was wild

Becky works at Pine Meadow Ranch, the home of the Roundhouse Foundation, which focuses on projects that work with and through the arts. Their four program areas: arts and culture, environmental stewardship, education, and social services. She gave us a tour of the ranch, which is a working ranch and also uses the restored ranch buildings for artists’ residencies.

The restored round barn
Interactive art installation that makes colored light and sound when you move under it. Note the tile mural across the way…

Sisters (the town) is named for the Three Sisters mountains in the Cascade Range. The town hosts a quilt festival each summer, and that’s reflected here.

Tile “quilt” on the greenhouse by Kathy Deggendorfer
This year’s quilt garden contest winner by June Jaeger. See the 3 Sisters?
Detail from the quilt; I love the birds, and music notes in the snow creases
Detail of detail!
And the garden inspired by the quilt. I wish you could see it from above!
A panel from a 7 panel tile mural, designed by Rochelle Schueler and Lynn Adamo
Another panel
Horse shoe gate to the garden
Pencil shaving…as you walk around it, it looks like it unfurls
More art, from 2 different artists

There’s a lot more art, and sheep and cattle, too. It’s a beautiful and inspiring setting.

I’m home now, setting up classes for fall, and getting ready for the Vogue Knitting cruise and Knit Maine. Time is racing by!

6 responses to “Quick trip to Sisters

  1. Palma Gigliotti

    The quilts are lovely. My husband and I will be in Sisters, camping, at the end of August. I love the Ponderosa pines and I love the city.

  2. Meredith Coelho

    What an amazing place. I love that people are creative everywhere.

  3. Kerry Vincent

    WOW, so fantastic and what talent is exhibited. Thanks for sharing, totally inspiring. Have heard that a trip to Sisters is imperative

  4. Looks like a nifty place! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • There’s just so much more to it; I had a hard time distilling it to a blog post!

      They’re doing interesting things with the ranchland, using radishes and other ground cover to help break up the soil (no tilling). Starting to experiment with huglkultur (did I spell that right?). The cattle came to visit the first time when their owner’s ranch was threatened by wildfire, and now it’s a relationship that continues, with a new crew of mamas and babies coming over each year.

      And all the art, and the relationships in the community…so much going on. Becky is a great storyteller ambassador.