Bossy hat!

I finished the hat with the criss-cross stitches, and the earband with the sunbursts. I love them both. I think the name for them is Bossy, because the yarn tells you what to do.

You may remember that I frogged a perfectly good sunburst hat to knit the criss-cross version. After all of that, I think I like the sunbursts better after all!

But I’m not going to frog it and knit it again. That would be silly.

These, along with my Shall We Dance cowl, show the ideas we’ll address in my Planned and Assigned Pooling class at Knit Maine in September. Students can choose which project they’d like to make; the class yarn (Yarn Snob Wonderful Worsted in Cabana Boy) can do any of these things. I’ve written up the class notes; do you want it to be a pattern, too?

What tickles your fancy? Have you tried planned pooling or assigned pooling? Or is it on your bucket list? So many questions!

5 responses to “Bossy hat!

  1. What does Biscuit think ?

  2. Ive made the crochet friends bobble shawl so I would be very interested to try a knitted one as I have a skein that I could use.

  3. Your projects look great! I’ve done assigned pooling and planned pooling. I’d like to explore planned pooling a bit more. And assigned pooling is just so much fun 🙂

    • I think I like assigned pooling more than planned pooling. It feels more relaxed; I don’t have to try to control things to make colors land where I want. I don’t usually look at my knitting that much. With applied pooling, a glance is enough to tell me if I’m close to the assigned color, and I don’t have to try to control my gauge to make things stack.


      • Yes, very true! Planned pooling feels like a magic trick, but one with a lot of math and arranging things behind the curtain. Assigned pooling is definitely much more relaxed!!