Linen knitting, encore encore

After all those hat crowns, my needles were finally empty! I’m not ready for a design project yet; I just want a simple project to keep my hands busy.

It’s a giant gauge swatch, really

Back in 2019, I was swatching/playing with Quince & Co Sparrow, which is fingering weight linen. I ultimately decided to design Kittiwake in Quince’s Kestrel, which is Aran weight, for a quicker project. I used the same stitch pattern for both weights.

The blocked fingering weight piece was relegated to the stash bin for later evaluation. I pulled it out yesterday and hmmmmm. It’s a beautiful drapey fabric. I think I want an oversized top, basically two rectangles, no shaping. The oversized shoulders would come down as faux sleeves. I’d knit it in the round from the bottom up until I get to the armholes, then work back and forth up to the shoulders.

The original piece is an excellent gauge swatch, and it even has the needles in it so I know what size to use. Instead of 16 repeats/37 inches, I’m going to do 20 repeats/46 inches, which gives me 9 inches (a lot) of ease. Perfect for a drapey swingy top for summer. I’ll use the same stitch patterns from Kittiwake, so I don’t have to think too hard. After the bottom edging, It’s just an easily memorized 6 round repeat, with only 3 patterning rounds.


Bisquee (Biscuit) says it’s coming along well. What’s on your needles for summer (or winter, down under)?

5 responses to “Linen knitting, encore encore

  1. Speaking for the latter community, m’love, I have this-morning finished another cardigan – a coatigan, really, coz it’s awful long ! It’s in a self-striping yarn of yellow, brown, dark brown and a couple off greys; and it’s a pattern I made before – when I was full-size. 27 rows on each side of the centre. This one is 24 rows X 2 – 6 rows narrower but a shitload longer. I shall don it later and hope to be able to take a shot of myself in the mirror of one of the lifts ! [grin]

  2. Andrea Roosth

    Serendipity! I was looking at that pattern on your Ravelry site just yesterday!!!

  3. Beautiful top pattern!!