Introducing Cosette


Cosette is a cross between a cowl and a shawlette. A cowlette? It starts out as a round cowl, knit from the top down. After the cowl is finished, knitting continues with triangular shawl shaping in the round. This cowl/shawette combo provides great coverage, and it won’t slip off your shoulders! It’s fuss-free wear.

Here’s Cosette in its unscrunched glory. I really love how this turned out, and I enjoyed all the mathy bits that made it work!

Cosette is knit with 2 skeins of fingering weight yarn. I used Knitted Wit Sock in Kiss and Teal and The Future is Bright (variegated). I love how the quilted lattice stitch shines in a variegated yarn. Other stitches in this pattern include my favorite lacy flower, and a shell lace stitch that uses elongated stitches with extra yarnovers that are dropped on the next round. There’s a video tutorial for the shell lace stitch.

Cosette ends with either brioche rib or k1p1 ribbing; it’s your choice. I love the way the contrast color peeks through the brioche rib. There are brioche video tutorials linked in the pattern, too.

The Cosette pattern is available through my Ravelry shop here, and my Payhip shop here. Use coupon code QUILT for 15% off through April 14 in either shop.

Thanks to tech editor Meaghan Schmaltz, model Sharon Hsu, and test knitters Ann Berg, Debbie Braden, Karen Cunningham, Jesse Hodgden, Jacqueline Lydston, Marilee Reinhart-Davieau, and Andrea Roosth.

Happy knitting!

8 responses to “Introducing Cosette

  1. So excited that you have released this! Thank you very much indeed for the discount code; bought it already and can’t wait to cast on! Off to dig through my stash and find something suitable 😀 thank you again for your generosity and talent!

  2. Andrea Roosth

    Welcoming a new pattern into the world is a little like welcoming a new baby! There was labor involved and then: a beautiful creation! Congratulations!

  3. Ok, I have to admit… I still have not tried the headband you sent me to learn Brioche 🙃 life, you know? But I just purchased the Cosette and I’m hoping/wondering if this will be a good intro to Brioche pattern as well? Looking forward to putting it on the needles. Kate

    • Yes, this would be a good introduction! Definitely watch the brioche video that’s linked in the pattern, but I think you can do it! Put in a lifeline before starting the edging, and that will keep your options open. Have fun!

      > >

  4. Wow !! – just .. WOW ..