Math swatch, Red Alder Retreat

I started a new design with the *real yarn* twice before resorting to a math swatch.

The first time you jump in without swatching, it’s understandable, especially if you’ve knit with this yarn and needle size before. I thought I had the undulating stitch pattern figured out. Not quite. So I started over.

There are four ways to arrange the two stitch patterns, and I need to pick two that will consistently look the same on the repeats.

I knit for quite a while before I realized that I still wasn’t going to get the symmetry I wanted. so I finally resorted to a math swatch. Yes, I just made up that term. I didn’t need to knit the motifs completely; I just needed to know if the motifs were going to stack consistently. That’s why this just looks like a jumble of kinky yarn (it was from a piece I had frogged after blocking).

I make the mistakes so you don’t have to!

My classes at Red Alder

I’m getting ready to go to Tacoma, Washington next week to teach at Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat. There is still room in many classes, so if you’re up for some in-person fun, check it out here. Vaccinations and masks are required. I’ll have a trunk show and book signing with Northwest Yarns in the market; they’re carrying my book, Brioche Knit Love. I’ll confirm times (I think lunchtime Friday and late morning into lunch on Saturday?) and post. Looking forward to it!

4 responses to “Math swatch, Red Alder Retreat

  1. I said “Oh, there’s Biscuit !” and smiled. And then I said “And look, there’s Calvin, too !” and smiled wider. They’re lovely mogs, yours.
    And so is your BRAIN, Michele – it’s a lovely thing. I am not sending you up; I am full of praise for the way you approach your craft.

  2. Have fun at Red Alder! I would love to get there one of these years 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the math swatch is for! Also, thanks for sharing your kitty photos 🙂