Teaching, learning, and knitting away

Just finished a weekend of Vogue’s Virtual Knitting Live. I taught 4 classes and took 2 classes. I loved the back and forth!

My newest class, Sheepy Steeky Coasters, was really fun. The knitting is done as homework, so class is devoted to securing and cutting the steek, and finishing the edges.

Look at all the happy new steekers! You can be one, too. I’m teaching this class again on Saturday February 5 for Twisted Yarn Shop via Zoom; you can register here.

One of the classes I took was called The New Colorwork, by Margaret Holzmann. It’s all garter stitch, working with blocks of color, kind of like log cabin knitting with some extra shaping and construction. The Pythagorean Theorem is our friend.

You can see the progression from the 2 striped pink blocks and small light blue box being connected with the dark blue yarn, and then closing the gap by knitting the dark blue rectangle (actually a rectangle on top of a triangle) between them. This will eventually (if I ever get to it) have 4 more pink blocks, and 3 more dark blue rectangles, to make a larger square with a dark pink diamond crossed by dark blue arms. Cool! Margaret is the designer of the Safe at Home blanket (link to her site) that’s been so popular during the pandemic. Her blankets of geometric block constructions are ingenious.

The other class I took was Keith Leonards’s Pool Party. We played with assigned pooling (center), and planned pooling (on the needles). Keith uses a much simpler, not mathy way to find the Magic Number for planned pooling; it was an epiphany.

Shall We Dance in Rock Candy colorway

It’s much easier than the mathy way I’ve been doing it, so I’ve just updated the instructions for my color-pooling Shall We Dance cowl, and the updated pattern is now available on Ravelry and Payhip. It’s 15% off through February 1, no coupon code needed. (Newsletter subscribers hold tight, a coupon will be in your next newsletter.) Also, I’m teaching a class with this cowl and yarn in 2 color options (Huckleberry Knits Aran 2 Ply BFL that was dyed specifically for this class) with For Yarn’s Sake via Zoom on March 6. (Yarn and pattern included in class fee.) Register here.

So much teaching AND learning! A perfect weekend. How was yours?

7 responses to “Teaching, learning, and knitting away

  1. Hey Michelle,

    You know Sandy the dryer at Knitted Wit? She is having an operation and needs some help. LJ sent me this and I donated. Would you consider a donation?


  2. Makes me think of the way the charity people set their tables up outside the supermarket .. Anyway ..
    Michele Lee Bernstein, I do declare you to be the most LEARNING kind of teacher I’ve so far come across: it seems to me that almost every post has you telling us about a new wrinkle you’ve discovered and are trying ! 😀
    You ain’t NEVAH going to fall prey to dementia, and that’s a fact !

  3. Planned pooling is fascinating!

    • And so much easier when it’s non-mathy! I taught a class a couple years ago, and it was hard. Now I’m going to teach it again, and it will be so much easier…

      > >

  4. I was lucky enough to take your beginner brioche class at VKL. After 3 brioche classes it has finally stuck! Thanks sooo much!

  5. That sounds like a pretty great weekend! I was wondering about those same two classes – thanks for the review on them. I may see if I can take them next time around. I already do some planned pooling, but I do the mathy way. Which gets it done, but if there is an easier way…