Sheepy Steeky Coasters

Is steeking on your list of knitting techniques to learn in 2022? The Sheepy Steeky Coasters are here to help! This worsted weight project will teach you stranded colorwork, and reinforcing and cutting a steek. It uses a crochet reinforcement of the edges, but previous crochet experience is not necessary. A detailed pictorial tutorial is included in the pattern.

The Sheepy Steeky Coasters pattern is available through both Ravelry and Payhip. It’s 15% off through January 8, with coupon code COASTING. If you’re planning to take this class at the January Virtual Knitting Live, the pattern is included in your class fee, so don’t buy it twice! My class patterns aren’t usually included, but this pattern wasn’t ready when registration opened. My tardiness is your gain…just this once!

(If you are making multiple purchases with different coupon codes, please use them separately. The system can only apply one code at a time.)

Happy new year! Let’s cut some knitting, because these coasters are steekin’ cute!

3 responses to “Sheepy Steeky Coasters

  1. Nonono. Michele, nothing you can show me will reconcile me to even the concept of steking. Too old, I suppose: when it was first shown to me I nearly fainted; and I doubt the recovery has properly set in. [grin ]

  2. steeking.
    Why does the I-bar ALWAYS cover what I’m typing ??????