Introducing: Brioche Knit Love

I have this book at my house, and I’m thrilled! It’s beautiful, and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

When Marie Greene of Olive Knits and Library House Press asked me if I had a book in me, I wasn’t sure, but apparently I did. You know I love to teach, and you know that a lot of my designing is done with teaching in mind. This book gave me the opportunity to do both, with a subject that makes my heart go pitty-pat. Brioche! I’ll be showing the designs here on the blog, in a series of themed blog posts. If you’re a Ravelry user, you can see the listing for the book and its patterns here.

The book starts at the very beginning, with one color brioche. I explore it with brioche knitted flat, in the round, and a combination of round/flat/round.

photo by Angela Watts, Tekoa Rose Photography

The very first project is the Hello Brioche Scarf. It is knit with just two stitches, brk (brioche knit) and sl1yo (slipped stitch with a yarn over). So simple! I used super bulky yarn (Malabrigo Rasta) and big needles, so the stitches are very easy to see on this learning project.

photo by Angela Watts, Tekoa Rose Photography

The second project is the Hello Brioche Hat, worked in the round. There are instructions for worsted weight (blue Malabrigo Rios), and for Aran weight (pink Knit Picks Muse Tonal), which is an even quicker knit. This pattern introduces the brp (brioche purl) stitch, as well as brioche in the round.

photo by Angela Watts, Tekoa Rose Photography

The third pattern in this chapter is the worsted weight Hello Brioche Mitts. They start at the wrist, worked in the round. The thumb opening section is worked flat, knitted back and forth. And the palm/top of the mitt is worked in the round.

I love teaching one concept at a time, and building on it. The designs in this chapter were test knit by absolute brioche newbies as well as experienced brioche knitters. Everyone had successful projects!

The book has photo tutorials, with large photos (4 per page). And for those of you who like a little more help, I made a set of video tutorials specifically for the book; the resources page at the back of the book has a link to the tutorials.

That’s just the beginning; I’ll show you more in the coming week. There are designs for two color brioche, syncopated brioche, increases and decreases, and combinations of all the techniques. The patterns are appropriate for brioche beginners on up. They’re all accessories, and many of them are great for quick gift knits.

I’m giving away a copy of this book to a blog reader. Leave a comment below for a chance to win. Tell me if you already knit brioche, or if you want to learn. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday, October 10. That’s before the publishing date of October 19, so if you’re not the winner you’ll still have time to get this at your LYS on the drop date, or order through Library House Press. I’d love for you to ask your LYS to carry it, too. Wholesale orders are through Sommer Street Associates.

93 responses to “Introducing: Brioche Knit Love

  1. The coasters and cup sleeve are great, easy skill builders you can ultimately use. How fun! I’ll have to pick this book up.

  2. I ordered it! I’ve been procrastinating on learning brioche, but I think your book will inspire me to try!

  3. Congratulations on your book! I’d love to see a copy of your book. I haven’t tried Brioche or Entrelac, but they have been on my to-do list for a while now, especially seeing all your patterns on your blog. Your cranberry/pear/bourbon jam was also delish!

  4. Gloria D Gardner

    I knit a hat in two color brioche about a year and a half ago. That’s my only experience. I have much to learn and would love to learn from your book.

  5. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have knitted several items in 2-colour brioche, Michele, but that whenever I would pick up my needles to create a brioche {anything} I would have to go back to learning it all over again. Sighh .. and the worst part is that I think it’s me, not just advancing senility.

  6. Marcia Leise

    Looking forward to getting the book. You taught me how to knit brioche and I love it! Congratulations on the book.

  7. Congratulations, Michele! It’s a beautiful book and I am not surprised that you took such a thoughtful teaching style in walking readers through brioche from beginning to complex!

  8. pandorasslave

    Oh I’m so excited! I was thinking of getting to teach myself brioche knitting during my winter break, and this book looks like the perfect fit!😁

  9. Brioche is addicting. This sounds like a book to build solid skills

  10. pandorasslave

    Ooh! I was thinking of teaching myself to knit brioche over winter break, and this book looks like a perfect fit!

    I’m so excited!

  11. linda jackson

    I love the look kof brioche, and have yet to try. I really am going to do this! Congratulations on your book. Inspirational.

  12. Debbie Braden

    Thank you for doing the book. Brioche is the best kind of knitting and I can’t wait to get a copy. I love Brioche and know others will love it too with Brioche Knit Love. You’re a great teacher and I learned from you. Now I’m kicking myself for not volunteering as a test knitter but I had a busy summer. I’m so looking forward to your book and can’t wait to jump in to knitting more Brioche. Brioche rocks and so do you! Keep on Brioche’n!

  13. Hi Michele! I have already ordered your beautiful new book from the publisher the first day you mentioned it, but would LOVE to be in the run for a free book! I have never learned to brioche, but am very interested. I have taken an on-line Entrelac class with you and heard your lecture on blocking at the Columbus Vogue Knitting Live conference. Both were excellent. Thank you for your consideration!

  14. Lori Mathieu

    I have tried brioche so many times. I had a class with you at the Knit Camp Retreat and your teaching method was very calm and informative. I’m hoping this book helps!

  15. Shopping Jam

    I dearly want to learn Brioche. Bought a pattern and yarn for a scarf at Rhinebeck a few years back, but have not yet had the courage to start in on it. The book looks stunning!!

  16. Wendy Fletcher

    You had me at teaching and building on the techniques with each pattern. I would love to learn brioche but I knew I would need good guidance. Starting out with bulky weight is how I learned to knit, and completely agree, it helps to better visualize. Your book might just be the antidote to my inertia. Wishing you all the best with this book and continued spreading the knitting love to your community.

  17. Rachel Cohen

    Hi, Michelle! Yes, I already knit brioche, but I’m looking forward to your book. I love the way that you do syncopated brioche, and I’m looking forward to getting better at that!

  18. Doreen Roderick

    I have tried Brioche a few times but haven’t been able to get it down. However, after reading your email and seeing the pictures, I just might be able to do it. The pictures seem to be very clear cut. I know you are a very patient teacher as I have taken two entrelac classes with you via VKL and I was able to master it after the 2nd attempt. I would love to get this new book. Congratulations on your book!

  19. I was a brioche newbie and Michele allowed me to test knit the Hello Brioche scarf – and two others. It was so much easier than I thought and gave me confidence to knit a few more brioche items! I’m so excited to see all the patterns in book format and am looking forward to going to the book signing at For Yarn’s Sake on October 30! Congrats Michele on your book!

  20. I have in the past tried something called a brioche which seemed to entail slipping s bunch of stitches over one stitch, and was defeated.
    Maybe this is a different brioche or maybe I met the hardest one first. Anyway I’d totally love to take another run at brioche, and this might be my best bet, if I get lucky. It does look beautiful, though, win or lose.

  21. You are a wonderful teacher and I am excited about this book. Lovely designs

  22. I love brioche knitting and can’t wait to purchase your book!

  23. Congratulations! Looking forward to it’s loveliness! I have done some brioche-enough to know it sucks to truly and fix a mistake!-lol!

  24. Sandra Harper

    I would love a copy of your book. I have learned a lot from you. I will be buying the book if I don’t win.

  25. I DO knit brioche but not as confidently as I’d like. Only made a couple small projects and know your process will be clear & not intimidating… based on other patterns of yours I’ve made.

    I’ve been looking forward to this project. Will it be available in Kindle/digital format at some point?

  26. Catherine Chandler

    A fabulous book… congratulations 🙂 I would love to win a copy of this… Brioche has long been on my ‘want to’ list but I have not had the ‘confidence’ to take the plunge. I want this book to give me the entree I know it will give. I look forward to getting started! Very best wishes and stay safe 🙂 Catherine 🙂

  27. I have never tried brioche. It always looks like the knit item would be too thick and warm for the Arizona climate. But I do see pretty things and would like to understand the technique.

    • Brioche can be pretty warm! But I like worsted weight yarn for teaching and learning. The designs in the last chapter are fingering weight, which would work well for Arizona. Some of my test knitters waited until the last chapter projects were up for test knitting, because they live in warm climates, too!

  28. Congratulations on your book! Love your creations. I have knit one brioche headband, but want to learn how to knit in the round/use other techniques.

  29. Katherine Hobbs

    This looks like a lovely book! I have begun teaching a few people how to knit brioche and your book would be a great textbook!

  30. So anxious to get his book. Tried on Amazon and no luck. Congrats Michelle

    • Hi, Joelle:

      The book won’t be on Amazon; it will be available from LYSes and directly from the publisher. We want to support our local yarn shops!

      • Meredith Coelho

        Yay! Thank you for this. I have a codependent relationship with Amazon and this will help me do the right thing even though Amazon makes it so easy to abandon my principles.

  31. Eva Griffeth

    I’m a beginner brioche knitter and am very excited about your book. I can’t wait to get it and start learning. I love that you have patterns that will help me practice what I’ll be learning. Yay! Practice that ends up as fun presents.

  32. melindadempster

    I’ve done flat one-color — eager to learn two-color and how to fix mistakes (without just ripping back!)

  33. I’ve knit a couple brioche projects and look forward to making more! Where did you get that shawl pin in the Hello Brioche Scarf photo?

  34. Paula Johnson

    I’ve wanted to learn Brioche for quite a while now. This book looks like the ideal place to start.

  35. I have not yet tried brioche and honestly it intimidates me. I’d love to learn from your book

  36. Michelle, have to say the book looks amazing and loving the sequence of projects. Am a brioche newbie but this blog post really inspires! Wishing you the most success!

  37. Congrats on the book! Have played with brioche stitches but a book would certainly help to learn the correct techniques. Love the hat.

  38. Patrice Ann Dragon

    Hi Michele! I am excited to learn brioche and now more than ever feel it’s a real possibility I’ll be successful learning through your gorgeous book, especially during this crazy COVID experience. The method of technique-building through the beautiful patterns and projects is just what I need, since this will be my very first adventure into brioche. Thank you for sharing your lovely designs and knowledge with all of us!

  39. This book looks amazing. I’ve dabbled in brioche, but you really take it to the next level.

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  41. Looking forward to this book! I want to learn to knit brioche.

  42. How exciting! Either I’ll ein tjis book (crossing fingers) or I’ll definitely purchase it! Either way, I will have to bring it with me for you to sign next time I see you. Maybe at Red Alder? I still haven’t tried Brioche, but I want to!

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  44. I’d like to enter the contest to win your new book! I’ve taken several of your brioche classes but would really appreciate a written reference with photos. Your book looks great!

  45. Sheryl Krohne

    I have taken your classes so have learned 2 color brioche from you! Congrats on a beautiful book, can’t wait to use it!!

  46. Congrats on being published!!

  47. Cindy Hutchison

    Congratulations on your book Michelle. I took your class for the Brioche Pastiche hat and was very intrigued with how brioche works. The book looks beautiful and informative.

  48. This is awesome! Congratulations on what looks like a very clear stair-step of learning brioche (or knitting more)!

  49. I have been wanting to knit brioche for a while but have yet to do it. The patterns I have looked at look so pretty. It would be nice to have simple patterns and a how to book. Congratulations on the publication of your book.

  50. katty Abdullah

    wow beautiful batterns ..i would like to try them ..and i woul love to win the book

  51. I’ve knit some brioche, but not a lot. This book would be great incentive to knit some more.

  52. Congratulations on your new book! You are an inspiring teacher and I look forward to adding it to my library and learning to advance my skills!

  53. I can’t think of a better person to write this book. Michele is a fabulous teacher and an especially wonderful brioche designer and instructor. Congratulations Michele! So excited to see the book!

  54. I love brioche!

  55. I am looking forward to seeing your book. I enjoyed a brioche class with you and am hoping to learn more.

  56. Tracey Riley

    Love a book that will help me up my knitting game! Congrats!

  57. I know a little brioche but there’s so much more I want to learn and your book looks like a good place to start. I love learning new stitches/technics and would love to have your book to help me on my journey!

  58. I would love to learn brioche! It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn!

  59. Congratulations on the upcoming publication of your book!!

    I would love to win a copy! I know practically NOTHING about brioche and am intimidated by it which is why I would love to win a copy! Thank you for the chance!

  60. marshasmartcat

    I am sure your book is terrific! I would like to win because I got muddled after our headband class and never recovered…
    I am sure I can do it with your book in hand.

  61. Becca Jasman

    I would love to win a copy of your book so that I can move beyond the basics of brioche.

  62. Kathleen Libbey

    I’ve done two brioche projects but every time i want to do a new one – it’s like starting over! I need a book to give me a path to remembering what’s going on on each stitch. I love the finished objects but need guidance. I loved your KnitCamp presentation, too.

  63. Never tried it, never had any particular desire to try it until you started posting about it all the time! Now I definitely want to try it.

  64. Sherry Bullard

    I am so excited about your book. I got to take one of your classes a couple of years ago at Oregon Flock and Fiber in Canby. Def a beginner and the book sounds marvelous. Sign me up! LOL

  65. Julie Imsland

    Thanks for offering a copy of your new book in this drawing! I would love a copy of “Brioche Knit Love” to learn and gain confidence the brioche knitting techniques. I haven’t tried knitting brioche — yet : )
    ~ Julie I.

  66. nopenopenope

    This book is amazingly lovely! I”m really looking forward to it!


    Way to go! Writing a book is a lot of hard work! It’s impressive! I’ve toyed with brioche, but haven’t made a project with it yet. I really have to focus on it at this point to stay on track. But I love the cushiness of the fabric! And the warmth.

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  69. I haven’t yet tackled brioche, but your book might just get me going. Such beautiful work!

  70. Ordered! So exciting! You are so talented!


    I love everything in this book!

  72. Brioche used to be very mysterious to me, but thanks to Michele I get it now. Thanks Michele!

  73. Kathryn Gearheard

    Step aside Nancy Marchand, Michele is finally gonna get me to try brioche.

  74. Would love to win your book. I love the look of brioche and would love to learn from you

  75. Thanks for being such a patient teacher!

  76. Your new book will certainly reduce my brioche anxiety.

  77. Hi! I took a brioche class with you during the pandemic via zoom. You are a FAB explainer! I always thought brioche was a baked good….now I know better! Hoping to win your book and congratulations on this great accomplishment.

  78. Meredith Coelho

    I’m so looking forward to this book. I’ve knit syncopated two color brioche, but I feel like I need some guidance to attempt increases and decreases. Thank you for providing it in this gorgeous book!

  79. Elizabeth Sovern

    I’m so glad you’ve written a book. Loved all of your classes at VKL. You helped me master brioche!

  80. I’ve never tried brioche, your book sounds like the perfect introduction.

  81. Nikki Lynn Behner

    I took your class at one of the earliest VKL classes after
    Covid took over our way of learning — I love your patterns and
    have many already – I’m eager to get your book

  82. New to brioche and I’m loving it. The patterns in this book look amazing!!!

  83. Alexis Greer Heidenberg

    I already knit brioche, but not confidently. I’d love to build my skill set! Also, the coffee- and tea-themed names (and pictures!) make it that much more appealing to me. 😉 I LOVE COFFEE! Brioche and coffee sounds delicious! LOL.

  84. Love your stuff!

  85. Gillian Litchfield

    Looking at the photos of your patterns makes me want to try brioche again. Hopefully will be able to take one of your classes too.

  86. This looks so cool, and I love that you’re supporting local yarn stores!

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