September is my favorite month. Birthday, anniversary, a chill in the morning air that evokes that back to school feeling, and time for woolies.

(not this week, but it’s us)

It’s been a delicious week. I celebrated my birthday with friends and family, repeatedly. The kids came over and made kalua pork (instant pot ftw), and spam musubi, as part of a Hawaiian themed dinner.

DH and I celebrated our upteenth wedding anniversary a week later.

Tomato, avocado, cucumber, lime, stone fruit

This was part of our anniversary dinner at Républica, a restaurant in NW Portland. The restaurant was recently featured in the LA Times. Dinner was delicious, and exquisitely plated. The co-owner/pastry chef is the daughter of a friend; I’ve known her since the kids were in preschool. It’s so great to see her doing something she loves, and doing it so well.

Corn brûlée, with ice cream and blueberry compote

And I celebrated a friend’s birthday yesterday with a wine tasting/blending party. We tasted three single grape pinot noirs, and then played with blending them.

Mmmm, Brooks wines.
Beaker blending, so mathy

I baked a flourless chocolate torte, which we paired with an ice cream sampler. The new way to blow out birthday candles is by waving your hands at them. Thanks, pandemic! Still fun.

Time to get back to work! How’s your September going?

11 responses to “Delicious!

  1. Marion F Fetters

    Happy birthday! Happy anniversary! Yes, get back to work and get your book published! LOL

  2. Happy birthday and happy anniversary!

  3. Didn’t know about the anniversary, but tried to wish you happy birthday vi comments, my dear friend ..

  4. September is my favorite month, too. Happy Birthday to you!


    Hey, it’s my birthday too! (today). Which day is your birthday?
    Bonne anniversaire!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Many, many more!

  7. Meredith Coelho

    Happy all the things Michelle! My husband and I celebrated our 28th anniversary this week. We were so young when we got married that I had no idea I would someday be a teacher, making our anniversary fall in my busiest time of year. Oh well, we still celebrate.
    Love the happenings.