I’m writing a book!

I just signed a contract to write a book! This is the summer project I’ve been hinting about, but I didn’t want to put it out there before the contract was signed. The book will be out in the fall, and it’s about knitting, of course. It will have 20 patterns for accessories and home items (you know I don’t design many sweaters), from simple to more challenging.

I’m looking for some test knitters for these small projects. If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll email you back with more details.

I’m working with Library House Press, which is Marie Greene’s new publishing company. You may know Marie as Olive Knits, and also through her Knit Camp. She has published a couple books with a traditional publisher, and she decided to launch her own publishing company this year with her third book, Knit a Little. I have a copy, and it’s beautiful. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather work with.

DH and I did take a little time to stop and smell the roses this weekend. We biked over to Peninsula Park, where the rose garden is in full bloom.

I love how these buds are peeking through the spent blooms.

I noticed a split stitch in my knitting this afternoon. I didn’t want the yarn to break and run down the column, so I had to fix it. My cable hook was a little short, but I managed to squish them all on there. I was too lazy to go inside to get an extra hook or circular needle! All better now.

I’m teaching Brioche Doctor next month through Bazaar Girls; I can’t wait to show them this picture. That split stitch was 21 rows down! Come to class if you want to know how to fix this and other mistakes in brioche knitting!

I’m taking the summer off to work on my book. Classes will begin again in the fall. I’m looking forward to teaching both via Zoom and in person!

12 responses to “I’m writing a book!

  1. Congratulations! That is wonderful news!

    This is a just reward for a clever and creative knitter.
    You deserve this.

  3. I’m very interested in test knitting. As a mostly-retired knit and crochet teacher for over 50 years, I have the time and ability to do a great job! Thanks for considering me.


  4. Congratulations! That’s super exciting!

  5. Susan Tipton

    So happy for you- all best wishes on your book project!
    Sudan Tipton

  6. Deborah Gudger

    This is wonderful news! A BOOK! Yay! Congratulations!

  7. Kelly Wilshire

    Hello, I’m very interested in test knitting for you. I have done test knitting for many people over the years and done sample knits for several stores. I would love to be considered for test knitting for you!

  8. Hi Michelle. I ran into an old friend today and told her about you writing a book, and needing test knitters. She’s a fabulous knitter, did some things for Vickee and me at the shop. I forwarded your email and I believe she has reached out to you. I think you’d be pleased if Kelly Wilshire knits for you. Glad to see you’re keeping busy. Keep up the great work! Regards, Karen (Schellinkhout)

    Sent from my iPad Karen