Dreaming of Spring

I’ve been haunting the Portland waterfront this month, waiting for the cherry trees to bloom.

The top picture is 2 weeks ago, and the bottom is from March 31, 2019. Hoping next weekend is peak!

This color palette is on point!

Here’s a peek at what it’s becoming. I’m so pleased with this. After my adventure with the Pythagorean Theorem and the hypoteneuse, all is well! I don’t regret frogging those 11,000 stitches at all. I’m just over halfway done with this. Pattern coming soon.

I didn’t get much knitting done this weekend because I was teaching for Vogue’s Virtual Knitting Live. I debuted my new Darn It! class, which was really fun! Mending and even more visible mending. This all started with that sock mending project for a friend; it was so much fun I wanted to share my new skills. I’m teaching it again through For Yarn’s Sake on April 25, registration on this page, soon.

And we also launched Brioche Doctor. This covers reading your brioche knitting, and fixing mistakes. I love that it’s different every time, depending on the questions from my students. We can make this as calm or as crazy as you want! I like having several samples so we can play with it different ways.

April classes are booked; I’m looking forward to teaching Brioche Doctor, Tink Drop Frog, Syncopation, and Log Cabin Knitting for Vogue in April. Sign up for their newsletter so you can be notified when registration goes live.

I’m also teaching a slightly longer Syncopation/Syncopated Brioche class for Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop on April 3. I’ll walk you through flat brioche instead of assigning it as homework, before getting to the syncopated brioche. Class is a little longer than the VKL classes to accommodate this. Register here!

I have classes with Twisted and For Yarn’s Sake in April, too. Sign up for my newsletter for the most complete list of classes, plus knitting news, tutorials, and the best discount on my new pattern releases. I try to keep my Workshops and Classes pages updated here on the blog, but there’s no way to let you know about updates on that.

Knit on!

7 responses to “Dreaming of Spring

  1. Andrea Roosth

    Simply wonderful knitting – but I think that I am not 100% buying ” I don’t regret frogging those 11,000 stitches at all…” having done it before and foreseeing it in my future on a piece. However, you are so right that when the new work looks even better than imagines, it soothes the sting. Plus, if it is really nice yarn – there is some fun in getting to knit it again! I cannot decide which of your above pictures is the prettier so my eyes are dancing!

    • I really don’t mind ripping! It helps me to have the knitting in my hands as I make decisions about size and form. And starting over means getting exactly what I want!

  2. Shopping Jam

    How about “Spring has Sprung!” as a name?? Love the combination of colors, and the inspiration you seem to have behind it. I am not a ‘huge size shawl’ person (as far the the wearing goes – not for the knitting amount), but then again – alway open to varying my options.!!

    • The best part is that you can make it as long or short as you want it. I just want to know what the maximum is with my yarn! If it ends up too big for me, I’ll rip the ends off and shorten it up. I can’t wait to see how it blocks! Still knitting…

  3. Lovely scenery – thank you for sharing! And your shawl inspired by the spring blooms is lovely too 🙂 The mending class sounds interesting – I will have to be on the lookout for that!

  4. Deborah Gudger

    Oh, thanks so much for the photos of the cherry trees-we’ll be driving through this week and I’ll be sure to look for them! The Hazel Knits yarn and the project are beautiful! No knitting for me for the last two months as my knitter’s elbow heals…maybe I’ll be able to get a few rows in on our road trip….

    • Don’t forget to take breaks…from both knitting AND driving! Have fun, and enjoy the trees! I hope it’s nice this weekend; I want to go down to see them again.

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