Half the Knit Sky, again

I’m having a trunk show at For Yarn’s Sake as part of this year’s Rose City Yarn Crawl. We’re featuring kits for my Half the Knit Sky using gradients from Huckleberry Knits.

This colorway is called Made You Blush, and it’s an exclusive at For Yarn’s Sake. It’s paired with Manos Alegria in Pewter in the kit. You can start your gradient ball at the white end, or the pink end, knitter’s choice! Test knitter Ann is now a sample knitter, and she sent it to me for blocking. You may recognize my fence.

The other kit features the Practical Tactical Brilliance colorway, which is a favorite of mine. Scarlet says that she made the new batch a little bluer than this at the end, to be even more like the aurora borealis. I can’t wait to see it. The contrast color in this kit is Madelinetosh Twist Light in Stormborn. Both kits go on sale on March 4.

Rose City Yarn Crawl begins on March 4, and runs through March 14. I’ll pop up another post with a link to my trunk show when it goes live. There will also be a recorded Zoom interview with my other trunk show buddies, Knitted Wit (Lorajean Kelley), Shannon Squire, and Debbie Stone. I just wanted to show you the pretty pink shawl!

8 responses to “Half the Knit Sky, again

  1. Ooh! I don’t *need* another Half the Knit Sky (though I’m kind of tempted anyhow), but do you have other designs that might work with these yarn pairings?

    • I think this would make a smashing Syncopation shawl, with the gradient shading through the body of the shawl and the accent as the leafy/end color.

      Also, any of the 2 color shawls would work: Lucky Star (I know you have that already), Nymphaea (with or without beads), Tumbling Leaves. Even Fibonacci and Fan or Ships in the Night, depending on how you arrange the colors.

      I may need more Practical Tactical Brilliance…

      > >

  2. A question I’m a bit loath to ask .. but I shall !! 🙂
    Please, Michelle: how long did it take you to knit Half the Knit Sky ?
    I ask because I never understand how it is that you professionalls manage to ‘get through’ so many articles ..

    • I didn’t knit the pink one; I only blocked it! Sample knitter Ann started on Feb. 12, and finished on Feb. 22. Then she sent it to me for blocking, which I did on Feb. 27, and delivered it to the yarn shop today, March 2!

      I took the last 14 rows off my purple/green shawl on Feb. 20, added 24 rows (294 sts each), and put the last 14 rows back on. 11,172 stitches! Finished Feb. 22. My phone camera knows all…

      > >

  3. The new colorway is really pretty! Though I am still partial to the night sky colors for Half the Knit Sky 🙂

    • I wasn’t sure I liked the pink when I was seeing progress pictures; I wasn’t sure there was enough contrast with the pewter. But I love it in person! Still not as much as I love that Practical Tactical Brilliance, though. I may need more…

      > >

  4. Both colorways are gorgeous, but I am so partial to the PTB. xoxo

    • Yeah, that’s my fave, too. Scarlet said she dyed the current batch to be a little more blue green at the end, to be more like the aurora borealis, and now I want to see it! It hadn’t arrived yet when I dropped off trunk show samples on Tuesday…