Dreaming of Dreyma

I was putting away my blocking the other night, so I checked my gauge on the newly blocked Gauge Hat. It did relax just a bit, and where I had 20.5 st and 26 rounds/4 inches, I now have 20 st and 26 rounds/4 inches. I can work with that! The row gauge is spot on. The prescribed stitch gauge is 19 st/4 inches, so I’m choosing a size (43.75”) that will give me the size I want (41.6” at my gauge).

And since I did the math for the sweater, I accidentally cast on. I wasn’t planning to start yet, but you know how it goes. I used the German twisted/Old Norwegian cast on, for a little extra heft (but still flexible) at the neckline. (Little plug for my HiyaHiya interchangeables: I now have this on a combination of the 40” cable plus the 16” cable. It grew too big for the flat lay picture before I realized it! The yoke includes body and sleeve stitches, which makes it bigger than 40 inches.)

So here’s hoping my gauge swatch hat didn’t lie to me! But I can always adjust the body circumference up or down 8 stitches, after the yoke is done. (8 stitches because of the pattern that goes before the bottom ribbing is a multiple of 8; you can see it on the hat.)

This is a reminder: Put down your knitting and stretch! I knit a lot on this last night (just one more, one more, one more round of patterning, so seductive) and realized that my forearms were feeling a bit achy due to tendinitis. Something about the way I hold this particular project, I guess. Knitting with fairy lights bothered my elbow after a time. Kay Gardiner of Modern Daily Knitting shares her thoughts, via shoulder injury, in a post this week, too. It’s going around. Listen to your body, so you don’t get an injury that takes a long time to heal!

I’m about to start the last contrast color on the yoke. Not right now, though. Break time!

7 responses to “Dreaming of Dreyma

  1. So you accidentally cast on, eh ?
    I laughed. 🙂
    That must be the weakest excuse for obsessive behaviour I’ve heard !!
    It’s looking WONDERFUL ! – and I’m loving that beautiful neckline and the way it sort of sits into where the pattern begins.
    Complimenti bella !

  2. Right .. Right.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to stretch and take breaks. Last year and most of this year, I was dealing with right and left medial epicondylitis in my elbows from knitting and dyeing yarn.

    Your sweater looks nice so far.

    • Just catching up on my email, finally! And still needing reminders to take stretch breaks. I finished the colorwork yoke on DH’s sweater, and now it’s all stockinette for a while…after I do some short rows. I’m saving the straight stockinette for a Zoom knit/chat tonight. Charted knitting isn’t very good for chatting!

  4. So pretty. I love that color combination.

  5. That’s a good reminder! I often sit and knit until I’m super stiff when I go to get up. Stretching – it’s a thing 🙂 Your gauge swatch hat and the start of your DH’s sweater both look great!