Log Cabin Knitting, and the last classes of 2020

I taught two classes over the weekend, Log Cabin Knitting for Twisted, and Tink Drop Frog for For Yarn’s Sake. I love these classes; they’re relaxed and fun. Perfect for December knitting.

Log Cabin blocks

Log cabin squares are such easy knitting; it’s all garter stitch. Once you know where to pick up your stitches (where to stick it!), it’s a relaxing knit all the way.

I decided after class that my blanket needed some repair, and a bath. So she got both. I knit this from 2007 to 2009. It was supposed to be a scrap project, but as it got bigger I had to buy more yarn. Twice! This is knit in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, a non-superwash wool. I soaked it in my top-loading washing machine, but didn’t agitate. No felting, please! The original scraps were from my Felted Slip Stitch Tote design projects, when that was a thing. The pattern is “How to Log Cabin” from the first Mason Dixon Knitting book; this was my very first log cabin knitting project.

Tink bear

Sunday’s Tink Drop Frog class was the first time I’ve taught it via Zoom. I’ve been teaching this class for a decade, and it’s always lots of fun to help kntters become the boss of their knitting! And it works just fine in Zoom, too, maybe even a little better since everyone can see my hands at the same time.

I’m teaching both of these classes for Virtual Vogue Knitting Live this coming weekend. The Tink class is full, but there’s still room in the Log Cabin class. I’m also teaching Next Steps in Brioche/Increases and Decreases with my Deep End hat or cowl or Madrona Cowl, and Cast On/ Bind Off.

What are you knitting in December? I have 2 hats on the needles. One is a sample for a January class, and one is a swatch for a sweater for DH. And I have visions of another Log Cabin project dancing in my head. Hmmm, I may be outrunning my fingers here!

5 responses to “Log Cabin Knitting, and the last classes of 2020

  1. You’ve been on a teaching roll, alright ! 🙂
    I’m so sorry that my move from Geelong to Maribyrnong deleted your class from my activities list (never very long at the best of times), but I know you understood.
    How is your terrific family going to manage xmas, Michele ? – I’ve been delighted with family photos you’ve shared in the past, but know you won’t be able to enjoy that kind of togetherness again for a while.
    Bring on the vaccine !!!!

  2. I love your Log cabin squares, I have just been over to the Vogue site and tried to register for the class but couldn’t so I have left a message with them, but they are closed right now, have to wait until tomorrow.

    • It doesn’t say that it’s sold out, so they should be able to straighten that out tomorrow. Let me know! (I can’t remember the class size limit, but if that’s the issue, I may be able to adjust…)

      > >

  3. Lori Stephens

    I’m knitting a poncho for a 4 year old in pink grey and white. Also some kitty slippers. And a cat borhi pattern. When someone dies I wonder if the rights to teach her designs are available in some way..,

    • Sounds like you have multiple works in progress! I do, too, at the moment, which is unusual for me.

      I’m not sure, but I think as long as students all buy the patterns, someone could teach the class. But no one could teach Cat Bordhi’s designs the way Cat did. She was magical.

      > >