Rockaway Beach birthday

The family was scheduled to go to the coast in September to celebrate my birthday, but wildfire smoke (and fire at the coast) meant we had to postpone. We finally did go last week…I like to joke that I celebrate my birthday all month, but this has been a two month birthday. Why not, 2020?

We’re still distancing from the kids; they’re a bubble and we’re a bubble. I rented the house I usually rent for Crafty Moms weekend. They had the downstairs unit and we had the upstairs. The house has 5 bedrooms/5 bathrooms and sleeps 16, and there were only 4 of us.

The weather cooperated beautifully, which meant we could have all our meals out on the deck. Otherwise, we would have been dining separately on two levels.

One rather large jellyfish

We had lots of beach walks and good conversation. (And my boots finally cracked and leaked. Sorry to see these go.)

Deep End Cowl

I finished the cowl version of Deep End. I love, love, love it. Pattern coming soon. I knit this with the leftovers from the first Deep End hat.

Don’t knit with the tail, really

I wanted to knit a shorter version (I have a short neck) so I cast on another, with leftovers from the pink Deep End hat. I noted that I should cut the tail so I wouldn’t knit with it. Well, you know what happened…of course.

I managed to make some progress before going home. And it was so warm on the last day, I could hang out with no sleeves at all. Pretty nice for almost November!

It was a perfect birthday celebration.

Twin Rocks at sunset
Rockaway sunset

Carrying that peace forward as we await the results of Election Day here in the USA. Just breathe!

5 responses to “Rockaway Beach birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a fabulous weekend!
    I’d love to have the info on the house if you’re willing to share.
    Hope you have a great project to distract you today….

  2. Leslie C Fischgrund

    Hanging tails are a danger. I put mine into a butterfly to prevent mishaps.

    Belated Happy Birthday! May your celebration last until the end of the year!

  3. A lovely post-birthday celebration, Michele. 🙂
    I’m always delghted by the size of your family: it so reminds me of being part of my own. Once ..

  4. Glad you got to have a birthday celebration, and at such a lovely location, too 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! Lucky you, spending time in a beautiful place with people you love. That’s the best! : )