Podcast: We’re Doing What We Love

The Dissent Cowl (pattern by Carissa Browning) is done! I steam blocked it this morning. I like this with the dot pattern folded to the inside, and just the dissent collar portion showing.

No makeup, sorry not sorry

It was best to knit this while looking at it, because it’s easier to maintain the patterning by reading the knitting instead of counting. Which meant I needed to *listen* to something instead of reading my iPad or Kindle while I knit. Game on.

Mary Chapin Carpenter has a new album out, The Dirt and the Stars, and it’s wonderful. A lot of it feels like it’s written especially for this time, so deeply introspective, but she’s been working on it for several years.

Carpenter made a podcast with poet Sarah Kay, called One Story, to promote the album. It’s a great example of pivoting and adapting to our pandemic times. Normally a musician would go on tour to promote a new album. Instead we get to know about what she was thinking when she wrote the songs, and then a deeper dive at the end. All three episodes are great, but the third one really struck me. Titled “We’re Doing What We Love,” it has so much resonance for all makers of art and craft. They talk about heroes, mentors, impostor syndrome, and legacy. Give it a listen; I hope you love it as much as I did. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and who knows where else?

Lots of introspection on the album, but my favorite track is this sly, rollicking song about…Lindsey Graham.

So that’s what I’ve been listening to. And I’m reading the memoir “All I Ever Wanted” by Kathy Valentine, the bassist for the Go-Go’s. It’s a fast moving read, with lots of name dropping. Highs and lows and lots of music and drugs fueling it all. I’m just getting to the part where money changes everything, but I’m enjoying the upbeat 1980s music while I read.

Do you multitask while you knit? What’s your favorite thing to do while you knit?

9 responses to “Podcast: We’re Doing What We Love

  1. I adore MCC. Thanks for the lead. Do you know Emma’s Revolution, a great feminist duo? They often appear with Holly Near in Berkeley and I’m usually there. All fabulous women who give us fabulous music.

  2. Susan D Tipton

    While I knit I enjoy listening to a recorded book- preferably a simple cozy mystery- something that doesn’t require close concentration. Or I like listening to podcasts- right now I am listening to Michael Ian Black read Jude the Obscure- I also like to listen to the NYTimes a book Review-

  3. I used to watch TV, but lately I go for audiobooks while knitting. I’ve already been through 14 years of Hogwarts, met Greek gods with Circe and roamed across 18th century Scotland, with side trips to the Isle of Berk to learn how Vikings trained dragons. Lately I’ve been traveling through time with the historians of St Mary’s. I’m never bored!

    • Sounds like an adventure! It depends on the kind of knitting, for me. If I have to count in my head (repeating lace, for example), I can’t use audiobooks or podcasts. Something in my brain wires counting and listening together. For those, I have to have visual input instead.

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  4. I sometimes watch TV or movies or else listen to audio books or podcasts. I do generally need something else going on. The only exception is working on really complicated things. Like when I knit my Foxpaws – I had to pay really strict attention with that one 🙂