Half the Knit Sky KAL: It’s a wrap!

Our Half the Knit Sky KAL ran through the end of August, and I finished mine, just under the wire.

You may recall that I finished knitting at the beach last Wednesday.

I wet blocked it on Saturday, and took pictures yesterday.

I love all three of my shawls, but this one reminds me of the sky with the aurora borealis dancing across the stars. Not that I’ve ever seen the aurora, but it’s on my bucket list!

I have prizes for my last two KAL finishers, so I’ll be getting in touch with Terri and Marilee soon.

I haven’t forgotten Sneaker Wave; I’ll have the patterns out next week, I hope? But I’m also juggling some blog posts and videos for a company I’m working with, so we’ll see how the week goes. Nothing like the power of a deadline! I steam blocked yesterday. The left mitt is blocked; see how relaxed the fabric and the cable are, compared to the right mitt? Don’t worry, I blocked that one, too. Blocking is magic, even steam blocking!

Calvin insisted on helping with the photo shoot, even though the hat is too big for him.

And Biscuit decided to start the holiday weekend early.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday weekend! Tomorrow’s my birthday, so we’ll be celebrating that, too. Cheers!

4 responses to “Half the Knit Sky KAL: It’s a wrap!

  1. Beautiful Half the Knit Sky. Blocking does wonders for sure

    Happy early Bday wishes- Hugs!!

  2. I must admit that if you ever needed more evidence for the benefits of blocking (which you don’t), then that glorious HTKS would provide same in spades !
    Calvin and Biscuit I love; any time you feel like posting but don’t have a WiP available, remember them, OK ?

  3. A fabulous finish!

  4. Your new patterns look great – nice easy knits that will be great for winter 🙂
    Also, YAY – thank you!