Half the Knit Sky KAL: cast on prize drawing

The KAL has been underway for a little while, and so it’s time for a prize! Please post a progress pic by the end of Friday, July 24. Everyone who has posted at least a cast on and several rows will be eligible for the drawing. I’ll be looking on Ravelry and on Instagram for your pictures. Don’t forget to hashtag your Instagram pictures so I can find them! #halftheknitsky

The prize: 2 yarn bras to hold your yarn. I am trying one of these for the first time, and I love it. Usually my center pull cakes go conical as I use them, but this seems to be keeping my yarn in shape. You can see it on the white cake here. I’m using the gradient from the outside, so no bra for that one.

I had a Zoom knit nite last night, so I had time to do some knitting. I’m about to start the second star stitch row. These are a little tricky to do, but so worth it in terms of effect! And of course there’s a video link in the pattern.

Post your pictures, and I’ll draw a winner on Saturday morning!

9 responses to “Half the Knit Sky KAL: cast on prize drawing

  1. I would never have thought of the deep maroon for a colour, Michele; but it looks marvellous !

    • It’s interesting how the dye takes differently on different bases. It’s much more brilliant on the BFL DK weight I used for Aspen Leaf and Minerva, and deeper and moodier on this fingering weight ball. But it’s the night sky, so dark and saturated is good!

      > >

      • And off-topic but relevant to you is the fact that I am in the process of finishing my Minerva scarf. It’s looking good, she said modestly. Except that I must’ve lost concentration for a second or two and managed to find myself with a starnge muddle. Just a small starnge muddle but. 😀

  2. Yvonne Cutright

    So sorry I totally forgot about knitting last night – – – – I was busy figuring out a new pattern and everything just flitted out of my mind. Hopefully I’ll be more aware of things by the next one.

    Enjoy your day!


  3. Michelle, I have been wanting to mention how much the name of this shawl speaks to me. It makes me think of the saying in Chinese folklore that women hold up half the sky. There’s also an African album of that name, “Holding Up Half the Sky,” that speaks to me deeply about women, empowerment, and the inherent strength we have always carried.

    So your shawl brings all these things to mind for me, in really good ways. No wonder I’m so in love with it.

    • It’s two of the things I love: Nature and skywatching! I love sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset…and if an ocean is part of that view, even better.

      I was also thinking of Half the Sky, the book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, about women’s empowerment. But did you know that the saying is not from folklore; it was something Mao Zedong said. I looked it up when I was trying to name this shawl, and eventually went with Half the Knit Sky because of the Knit Circus colorway name The Knit Sky.

      So many good things all coming together!

      > >

  4. I am almost finished….messed up that lacey part of the shawl and must backtrack….but it’s all about law and order now! LOL Oh my, I have really enjoyed knitting this shawl and working those stars was such a wonder…..all those dear wraps and with the beads added in it’s really pretty and I am over the MOON pleased….now to undo what I just did….I knew….but I carried on….and now….I punish myself with one at a time undoing! LOL

  5. Arlene Stakic

    How simply delightful! I absolutely LOVED this knit…the stars, the trails, and because I imagined a winter NIGHT’s half sky, I went to the end in the main color…..I think I had about 1 meter of yarn left!