Half the Knit Sky KAL: Casting on

I sat down and knit for just over an hour, and here’s what I have. I’m really happy with it, and I think it’s smiling back at me! I actually cast on twice. At first I used a US 4 needle, but it felt too loose and floppy for me by Row 15, so I took it out and used a US 3 instead. It really depends on your yarn. I used a US 4 for my Knit Circus shawl, and a US 5 for my Knit Picks version. As long as you get a fabric you like, you’re golden.

My white yarn has a yarn bra; I’m trying this out because my center pull yarn cakes tend to go conical after a while, and I would like to have it not fall apart. No bra for the gradient; I’m working from the outside on that one.

I really love the subtle speckles on the MadelineTosh Stormborn. Just enough to keep it interesting, but not enough to overwhelm the brightness of the stars.

We have a nice bit of chatter going on in the Half the Knit Sky KAL thread on Ravelry; come join in if you’re able to use Ravelry. I’ll be posting here on the blog, there on Ravelry, and also on Instagram.

This is one of my two current projects. Weird for me, because I usually only have ONE. I’m test knitting a brioche hat for Hunter Hammersen; her sample looked really pretty and I couldn’t resist. I even had several appropriate yarn combos in my stash. I’ll show you this project after it’s something more than brioche rib. Soon!

How many WIPs do you have?

6 responses to “Half the Knit Sky KAL: Casting on

  1. I have a lot fewer UFOs this week because I have been ruthlessly turning some of them back into yarn. Sweaters that do not fit that have been waiting patiently for a miracle to suddenly solve that problem have suddenly disappeared into balls of something that might be useful one day. Makes me a bit sad but feeling FREE!

    I love the current Half the Sky and will be carefully looking over my (growing) stash. Those pops of blue are like lightning.

    • Yay for reclaiming yarn! It will eventually tell you what it wants to be. I can’t think if there’s too much clutter, so I think I’m maxed out at 3 WIPs! That said, come knit Half the Knit Sky!

      > >

  2. Right now I’ve got three WIPs going – scrappy socks, a summer top and this! I did decide to rip it and start again, I’m almost back to where I was, so this evening I should be back on track 🙂

    • So much knitting, especially this weekend with VKLive! i forgot to tune in to see Kaffe Fassett this morning, and it wasn’t recorded. We were having blueberry pancakes, and I forgot!


      • Augh! I missed his talk too – sorry to have missed it.
        This has been a fabulously knitty couple of days! Been enjoying the classes, and knitting a lot on my own stuff as well. I got back to where I was on my 1/2 the knit sky – only this time following the directions 😉 I did watch the video for the star stitch (thank you for posting that!) and saw what I had done wrong last time. Live and learn!

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