Coming soon: Half the Knit Sky

Unless you have a better name for it, this will be Half the Knit Sky.

This shawlette is based on a time lapse photo of star trails in the night sky. I love half pi shawls because they’re half the yarn, half the knitting, all the glory by the time you’re wearing it.

I’ve been dreaming of this shawlette for a year or so, and it finally found the right time and the right yarn. I love it.

Knit Circus Sparkle in The Knit Sky, and Trampoline in Mistress of Myself Speckle.

The pattern has been tech edited, and is now being test knit. Coming soon! What would *you* call it?

10 responses to “Coming soon: Half the Knit Sky

  1. I like the name (and I love the shawl!), but a few more ideas since you asked: Star Trails, Time Lapse, Knit Sky Trails, Long Exposure

  2. This is really nice, Michelle. Will it be available as a pattern?

    Thank you! I really enjoy your posts.

    Warmest regards,

    Loretta Maxwell aka Lor Max

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  3. Why not “Star Trails”?

  4. Carole Overton

    Beautiful my friend!!

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  5. Your title is all it needs, Clever One. It’s totally marvellous !

  6. It is just gorgeous 🙂

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