Paying attention

A little quiet over here this week, as I watch, and listen, and learn, and hope.

Some news in the knitting world:

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival has been cancelled for 2020. They’ll be back in 2021 with the same classes we were hoping to have this year.

NBC Universal is discontinuing BluPrint, which was their rebranded version of Craftsy. If you have “forever” classes from Craftsy/BluPrint, you’ll want to download them before they disappear. I received an email saying they’ll let me know more soon; we shall see. I own 10 Craftsy classes, none of which I’ve watched all the way through. Let’s hope they do the right thing.

Alasdair Post-Quinn, of FallingBlox double knitting fame, suffered a house and studio fire and has lost all his samples and work in progress. He and his wife are safe, but they have lost everything. If you have interest in double knitting, support him by purchasing patterns from his Ravelry shop.

Soho Publishing, the good people who bring us Vogue Knitting magazine and the Knitting Live events, has had to change their operations. Knit Simple magazine will no longer be published, and Vogue Knitting will have fewer issues per year for now. VirtualKnitting Live returns next week, and I will be teaching and lecturing via Zoom.

“Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises.” ~ Elizabeth Zimmermann

3 responses to “Paying attention

  1. Bluprint. Never managed to comprehend how it worked. FAR preferred it when it was Craftsy. I have roughly the same number, Michele; and I’ve completed a few of them. Have no idea how to ‘download’ ’em. :\
    Awaiting your noos re your blocking lesson ..

  2. I am sad about the loss of another magazine and the big reduction in Vogue Knitting. I definitely liked Craftsy better than Bluprint – more quality content. But I will miss it all the same. I have a bunch of classes on the site – really hope they figure out a way for us to download them as they mentioned. Is it me, or does it seem like the knitting world is contracting somewhat from recent years?
    In good news, though, looking forward to virtual VK Live next week!

  3. So much going on right now… it can all be so overwhelming! Thank goodness for knitting!