Petite Brioche Zoom class May 2

Petite Brioche: It’s my gateway project into brioche knitting. Brioche rib has such a simple, soothing rhythm to it; it’s a perfect technique to learn during this pandemic lockdown. The Petite Brioche pattern is free here on my blog, but sometimes you want a little more guidance, right?

Blue brioche headband

I’m offering a virtual class via Zoom on Saturday, May 2, 1 to 3 pm PDT. I’ll help you get started with your 2 color brioche rib headband. Price is $25. Class size is limited, as we figure out the ins and outs of this new way of teaching and learning. Come knit with me!

Leave a comment if you’re interested. Hoping to introduce you to the joys of brioche!

12 responses to “Petite Brioche Zoom class May 2

  1. I really like the coaster? that the brioche is displayed on. What is the pattern for the coaster, assuming it is a coaster. I think the reason that I love it is because it reminds me of the crocheted and knitted doilies that I grew up with and still use in my house. Tnanks in advance for the info.

    • It just happened to be sitting on the coffee table at Twisted when I was knitting there; I don’t know anything more about it! I think it’s just a garter stitch square with an applied lace border.

      > >

  2. I wanted to do a bit more brioche this year but it’s been so long that I could probably use the refresher. Count me in!

  3. I claim to be ahead of this stage – – and so won’t avail myself of this class, clever Michele.
    But I urge anyone who’s been teetering on the edge of plunging in to 2-colour brioche to plunge away now, here !
    Meanwhile, I shall get stuck in to my Minerva attempts .. 🙂

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  5. I think I would like to try this! I have not used zoom before- I would need to feel fire this out!

    • I’ve used it a couple times, and it’s pretty intuitive. Still learning more every time, so having a small class before Virtual Knitting Live is a good way for me to practice! I did a Minerva class and it was fun and a little mind blowing. Good for showing something to everyone all at once! And there’s no running around the table trying to get to everyone. The hardest part is that I can’t pick up your knitting to look at it…

      Do you want to try? I’m making my list right now!

      > >

  6. Please sign me up, if there is still room.
    Thank you for offering this virtual class for us.

  7. Are you still having your class on Saturday? Blessings,Claudia Roberts (she/her)