More cancellations and more knitting

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Not spring yet! #pdxsnow

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The world seems a bit crazy right now; COVID-19 and social distancing, and SNOW in Portland this weekend!

I just found out this morning that April’s Yarnover in Minnesota is canceled. VKLive Seattle was postponed from this weekend, with no new date yet. I’m very sorry that these events aren’t happening, but staying healthy and safe is more important. For me and other teachers, this means losing a significant amount of teaching income. I know the stakes are even higher for the organizers of these events, and for the vendors who invest in creating product to sell at these events. These costs have already been incurred. If you can be supportive of these small businesses, please do.

I canceled the local classes that I was going to have at the church yesterday. Worship services have been canceled for the next two weeks, and it didn’t feel right to carry on with my classes. We’ll try again later.

I was planning to go on the Lantern Moon retreat in Ashland next week, but that’s been canceled, too. No gatherings of more than 250 people in Oregon, so plays and concerts are NOT happening. All public schools in Oregon are closed until April 1, and our county libraries are closed, too. Definitely time to be home and knit.

I’m currently knitting a Noro version of my upcoming Minerva cowl. This is an in-between size; I’m using 3 50gm balls of Noro to make a 32-34” cowl, which is my current favorite length.

I’m still planning to knit a DK weight cowl with a Huckleberry Knits DK Gradient, but the Vivace I bought at yarn crawl doesn’t have a quick enough color shift. Scarlet is dyeing more DK in Practical Tactical Brilliance, the same colors in my Aspen Leaf scarf. I think the extra colors in that gradient will make a stunning statement! I’m saving the Vivace for another project later. And this, my friends, is how a non-stasher acquires a stash. I only buy yarn for planned projects, but sometimes it’s not a perfect match, and the yarn becomes stash. But the right project will come along…eventually.

What are you knitting? Are you staying home? Here’s a great article on social distancing. Let’s flatten the curve, and stay healthy! If not for ourselves, then for the most vulnerable among us.

4 responses to “More cancellations and more knitting

  1. Shopping Jam

    We, too, are under restrictions in my state. Event, schools, etc canceled. Such is the world we are living in today. I laughed at the article (well not AT it but the source of it brought a smile to my face.) The origins of WBUR were as a college radio station, the college one of my girls went to. Just had to smile at the cross country connection that you made with my life with that. We are all taking a financial hit with the virus’s effects on life as it is now. Most important for all to follow the scientific advice, and to be safe & healthy. Hugs!!

  2. Yep, here in Ontario, Canada, no gatherings of 250+ people meant the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic has cancelled too. Plus, schools/libraries/etc aren’t open either. It’s a bit surreal, but if it helps keep people safe, I’m all for it.

    It’s also where I’m feeling really lucky/blessed that I already work from home. I know so many who are entering the world of work-from-home for the first time, and it’s a lot harder then the movies and influencers make it look! Good luck to all entering this world for the first time!

    Myself? Mostly, I’m staying in, with a few trips out to get groceries and try and stock up a bit as needed. Got an extra bag of cat food for the four-footed family members yesterday, so that’s sorted, at least!

    Stay safe out there, everyone!

  3. Stay safe and take care! Lots of our events and public places are shut down here in Anchorage too.

  4. Such a strange time we’re all having. We’ve been told to shelter in place (only leaving for essential trips). Thank goodness I bought so much yarn at Stitches! :=) Also having fun buying some new patterns on Ravelry. Even though the libraries are closed, I have a shelf full of books. Our friends and neighbors are all checking in on each other. Fingers crossed this crisis doesn’t last too long…