What was I thinking?

Seven-and-a-half inches of ease? That’s an awful lot on a short person, especially a short-waisted short person knitting a cropped sweater. The very short, very wide rectangle was not destined to be flattering.

I had knit down past the armholes so I could try it on, and I wasn’t happy with where this was heading. Also, there was so much fabric in the lace section that blocking it out to show it off would only make this more of an oversized sack on me.

My favorite sweaters to wear are my Stopover sweaters, designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone. I love how they fit. They are about 40 inches around (3 inches of ease). There’s a more vertical look to these. Proportion is everything!

My choices with this Love Note pattern are 38.5, 41.5, and 44.5 inches. 41.5 inches would give me 4.5 inches of ease. That seems to be a good place to land. Still slightly floaty, but not ridiculous.

I decided to cast on a second yoke and knit to see how things went before frogging everything. This second yoke is one day’s knitting. Including time for a walk on the beach, and some other work knitting! (More on Crafty Moms Weekend later.)

Interestingly, I used my Hiya Hiya sharp needle for the lace pattern this time, instead of switching to the regular tips. The lace pattern is a bit tighter, and a bit better defined (on the right). I like it, so I waited until the lace was finished before switching to my preferred blunter points. The lace can be blocked out to show off the holes, and the body will still be the size I want it to be.

I love how the purple mohair halo blends all the colors of the Rogue into a soft melange.

Now I have two yokes, and I’m ready to frog the first one. Hope it cooperates! I think it will be fine, as long as I don’t try to separate the two strands. If it doesn’t cooperate, I’ll resort to the freezer method, after I cook more things from the freezer and have some space!

How was your weekend?

4 responses to “What was I thinking?

  1. Debbie Gudger

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get to see you at VKL next week…haven’t seen any discussion about Coronavirus concerns yet…

  2. It is looking great so far! As a fellow short person, I agree with the challenges of a wide cropped top 🙂

  3. Susan Tufts

    Thank you for sharing that you needed to basically start over. I have done that a few times when I did not like what was happening. I always ask myself if I would wear it looking that way or would it end up being a donation.