A Tale of Two Decreases

I just made a video tutorial for an alternate version of a left leaning brioche decrease.

The center decrease shown is a right leaning decrease. The one on the right is a left leaning decrease, and it’s fine for most purposes. But it shows a lot of the dark colored wrap of the stitch that is passed over. Most of the time, this doesn’t bother me.

But sometimes, like in my Aspen Leaf scarf, I want the left and right leaning decreases to mirror each other more closely.

The Brioche Unwrapped Decrease moves that wrap out of the way before passing the slipped stitch over. Very tidy! Thanks to Xandy Peters for dreaming this up. I’ve made my own video tutorial, because I want to make sure it will always be available when I link to it in a pattern.

Brioche Unwrapped Decrease tutorial link

Here you go! If you don’t like the unwrapped decrease, you can always use the other left leaning decrease. You’re the boss of your knitting!

4 responses to “A Tale of Two Decreases

  1. I saw this end last week on YouTube, when I was looking for videos on all the brioche stitches to make a little library. How long ago did you actually put it there then ?
    And why haven’t you visited https://wp.me/p6zYMn-4PU yet, pray ? 😀

  2. Michele-

    I just wanted to say that I love not only that you care enough to make these little videos to help knitters with the more unusual stitches, but sometimes even the mundane, but you do it beautifully. Your photos in this email are so clear and you’re marking up of them so obvious. It is not always the case when folks post pictures. You are clearly a very detail oriented person, which this former math teacher loves!!!!!

    I will go look at your tutorial. I am about to start my first Brioche project – I don’t think it has any leaning stitches, but once I master the technique -(honestly have not even read the pattern yet to see how it’s done) I may find myself searching for more Brioche. I know that Aspen Leaf scarf of yours is calling my name, even though I am not really a scarf person. But I might be willing to sacrifice for that beauty.

    Judy Muldoon


  3. You’re a genius!! I’ve knitted quite a bit of brioche and that issue has always driving me bonkers. Thank you so much for posting the fix!

  4. Very nifty, and nice tutorials! Thanks for posting these 🙂