Aspen Leaf scarf in progress

I finished my syncopated brioche Aspen Leaf scarf. It was perfect vacation knitting; the leaf pattern repeats over 10 leaves, and once you understand how the leaves widen and narrow, it’s pretty easy to memorize. This sample is in Huckleberry Knits’ DK Blue Faced Leicester; the gradient is Practical Tactical Brilliance, and the speckle is When You Said Hi I Forgot My Dang Name.

I’ve just finished the pattern and sent it to my tech editor. I’m looking for a few test knitters; let me know if you would like to test knit. Testers should already have experience with syncopated brioche knitting.

I’m also knitting another one in worsted weight, but I haven’t decided if it’s going to be in Knit Picks Chroma Worsted (single ply) or Malabrigo Rios (plied). Swatching now, and the Chroma may be winning…

Knit on!

5 responses to “Aspen Leaf scarf in progress

    But oh, I’m not really good enough.
    So what I’ll do is make it anyway, and tell you how it went.
    CRIKEY, but you are wonderful !!!

  2. No, I’m mad: only testers will get the pattern.
    And anyway, I’ve not done syncopated before.
    Just ignore me, mate – I’ll toddle off into the sunset.

  3. I’ve done a grand total of one brioche piece ever, so i don’t think i qualify as a test knitter, but I love this design and can’t wait to try it!