Kaleidescopically beautiful

Coming soon, Dotty Cake, a hat that makes me think of Funfetti. Yes, really.

I designed this Dotty Cowl last year for Knit Picks, and I really loved the slip stitch pattern that I created for it. I knew it wanted to be used again. And I finally got around to it. It’s being test knit now, and has already been tech edited. I’m guessing I’ll publish it in early December, plenty of time to make a slew of them for gifts! I knit one in 2 days, and I think test knitter Ann is even quicker than I am.

It’s been a whirlwind of a November, with Vogue Knitting Live, Vogue Knitting Destination: Portland, a raft of full classes at Twisted, and a little time spent on a not-knitting project, too.

I took a block printing class last year with Leslie Nan Moon while I was in Ellensburg, WA. I liked my block, but knew I could do better. So I recarved my block a couple weeks ago, and love it so much more. Here’s a print from the first one.

And here’s a print from the revision:

It’s so much better! I’ll be using this for…something soon!

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year for DH’s family, so there’s a lot of last minute stuff going on, too. Gotta fly!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving, if you’re here in the USA?

9 responses to “Kaleidescopically beautiful

  1. Hi Michelle-I love the new block print! I’m thinking it would be a fun craft to do with friends…My family is meeting in the woods at a retreat center where we’ll all have rooms in a big cozy cabin and all meals are prepared by the retreat!! Art projects for the kids and games for all…Yippee! Hoping the snow in central Oregon holds off till we get there! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • It’s a great group project, especially if one of your friends already has enough supplies to teach a middle school class! The first time I tried it, that’s how it went down. It’s better and better each time I try it. So much fun!

      Have a great Thanksgiving! Which retreat center are you heading to?

      > >

  2. Very cute hat. I love both birds, but that second one has a very saucy expression! I love it!

  3. I want to know if the birdie plays G or B ! [grin]

  4. How interesting ! – but why is that ? Afraid I know nought about guitar music scoring (with apologies); so the avoidance of F chords is a mystery to this once player of piano …

    • F chord is a barre chord on guitar, which means that your index finger lays across the strings like a capo, and your other fingers are holding individual strings, too. My fingers say NO!

      F chord on piano? Piece o’cake!

      > >

  5. Input much appreciated ! 🙂