Clara Parkes was here!

Clara Parkes came through Portland last Friday on a tour for her new book, Vanishing Wool. We saw her at Powell’s, our lovely independent bookstore.

While waiting for Clara, I noticed that Mary Mooney, our friend who works for the Oregonian and used to keep a knit blog there, had a blurb on the back of the book jacket. Go Mary!

Clara gave a great introduction musing on the changes in the American wool industry post-World War II. It’s a little sad, but it’s also uplifting to know that there are those of us who care about it and want to support good wool. Her book chronicles her Great White Bale project, when she bought a bale of unprocessed Saxon Merino wool and used it to learn the process of yarn production. The bit I’ve begun has me captivated already; I’m looking forward to reading the rest.

As soon as Biscuit lets me have it back. We’re also sharing the Goodwool Ambassador pin.

9 responses to “Clara Parkes was here!

  1. Deborah Gudger

    Two of my very favorites! You and Clara!

  2. My Daughter – the knitting one – and I saw her at Rhinebeck this yea. Bought the book, got it autographed and took photos too. Ya to you and us!!

  3. How exciting, it sounds a blast!

  4. Yeah what happened to Mary Mooneys blog?

  5. LOL! I just sent you a message asking you if you were at her reading as I though I recognized you from her crowd video on Instagram!