Color is a funny thing

Color is a funny thing. I learn a lot about it by trial and error.

I bought these two skeins of of Malabrigo Worsted to play with some more brioche ideas. I wanted the multi-color to be the main color, and the Polar Frost to be the contrast color.

But the multi doesn’t really stand out here, or look very organized.

The back side is a little more cohesive; you can tell where the stitch columns are. This made me think that the semi-solid should be the MC, and the multi should be the CC. But this combination doesn’t really have much spark.

So I bought more yarn. This is how a non-swatcher accumulates a stash, by the way.

Now we’re cooking! I like this orange on the right side.

And because of the contrast with the bright orange, the multi-colored wrong side looks more cohesive, too.

What am I making? I’m just playing with a couple brioche ideas right now. We’ll see how it turns out!

7 responses to “Color is a funny thing

  1. What a difference! That yarn looks soooo squooshy too!

  2. Very nifty comparison! It definitely is interesting what yarns wind up working together and which don’t 🙂

    • And which ones should be the main color, and which should be the contrast! This turned it on its head for me! Now if I could only get the stitch pattern to cooperate…it’s not lying flat. I will prevail! Maybe…


      • Very true! It is always surprising how these things turn out 🙂
        You will get it to stay flat – no worries 🙂

      • Still working on that stay flat thing! It’s because I want it to be a particular shape, which has a pretty drastic decrease rate. Still trying…it’s a great exercise, and is deepening my understanding of this particular shaping!

  3. Paired with the orange, I actually really like the multi as the main. It kinda disappears on the orange side, but on the multi side, its columns still look nicely defined and the orange makes a nice border.

    • I like it, too, but there are parts where the multi is orange and it gets a little lost with the orange on orange! Maybe I’ll syncopate the whole thing and have the main color alternate with the contrast color. Right now, I’m just trying to get the stitch pattern to work out, and not make what looks like bra cups!