Camping and knitting…with white linen!

What kind of person brings white linen knitting on a camping trip? Yes, it’s me.

I had just finished the white linen top, and I didn’t love it. I wanted minimal shaping, so I designed it with two simple rectangles. It turned out boxier than I wanted it to be, which meant that I needed to rip it back down to the beginning of the armholes, and add armhole shaping. That meant re-knitting 1/3 of the FO, ouch!

This new design had an impending date with the tech editor, just a few days away. So white linen and camping? Game on!

I did get it finished, and I love it. The shoulder/armhole shaping made a big difference. Pattern coming soon.

I’m currently knitting one more sample at a slightly tighter gauge, but the pattern is done and tech edited already. It just needs final measurements from the second sample; I’m almost done with the second half of it. This is a really quick knit in Aran weight Kestrel from Quince & Co.

Camping was lovely, too. We were at Lost Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

We had a little help with the cake!

If a tree falls in a forest…

These clouds!

It was great to get away for a few days. No cell service, but my iPhone camera was handy!

And my feet were toasty warm in my Concentric Bed Socks.

I don’t have any big vacation plans this summer, just little jaunts close to home. But that’s not a bad thing. I was over in Sisters a few weeks ago for another friend’s birthday. That trip included karaoke, an incredible hailstorm, and a sailboat’s maiden voyage.

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Oh, hail.

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Here’s to good times with good friends! And linen. Definitely linen.

What are you up to this summer?

13 responses to “Camping and knitting…with white linen!

  1. Debbie Gudger

    Camping with the family/grandkids at Silverfalls. There hasn’t been time for knitting, except for the 4 hours drive. I do have swatching to be done for a Hudson Valley Cider sweater and an oversized Cocoknits pullover in Ripple is in the needles-there may be a little knitting around the fire this afternoon.
    Your white linen top is wonderful-also very brave for campground knitting!😀
    I can’t wait to see your Kestral sweater at the smaller gauge. The stitch pattern is really nice!
    Happy camping and knitting!

    • You have a lot of projects going on! I’m such a monogamous knitter. Hoping to start a Soldotna Crop as recreational knitting (as opposed to design work knitting) after this blue linen top is done.

      Hope your Silver Falls camping was fabulous!


  2. Shopping Jam

    The New Top is beautiful!! Love your cake thief-lol!

    • Thank you! And that bird was brazen. There’s a reason they’re called camp robbers! Luckily we had most of the cake the night before. This was just leftover cleanup before we packed up.


  3. Soooo…does anyone else see the Statue of Liberty in those clouds?

  4. Anna Guillemot

    Your linen top is beautiful, Michele! And I am so glad that some people go camping on purpose (you couldn’t PAY me to camp …) and take gorgeous pictures! Thanks!
    Anna G.

    • Thanks, Anna! I’m just finishing the second top, with refinements, and I love it.

      Camping is fun, but I’m definitely a very limited camper. I have a tent, sleeping bag, mattress. i count on someone else to bring the kitchen! Although I’m happy to cook. There’s just so much…equipment. More stuff!


  5. What a beautiful place to visit! And the top is gorgeous!

    • It was so pretty up there! At least on Day 3. Days 1 & 2 were cloudy, with no view of the mountain. The sun broke out just for the morning on departure day, but it was spectacular! Perfectly clear for morning coffee, and by the time we left it was clouding over again. So glad we got to see the mountain!


  6. You are having some lovely adventures out in some beautiful locations! Thanks for sharing your views, and the video of the cake thief and hailstorm 🙂 And I love your top – just beautiful!