Hopscotch scarf, and what’s next on the needles

It’s been a busy month here; I’ve been up to my elbows in brioche! Two of the projects will be published next winter; I can’t show them until they’re out. But they were really fun to work on. The third project?

This is my Hopscotch Scarf. I designed it as a teaching piece for syncopated brioche. It’s really fun to knit. Mine is knit with Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in 2 colors, Drawing Room and Natural. The front and back are positive/negative images of each other; they both look good. There’s no wrong side, really. You don’t have to use a gradient, just two different colors in worsted weight yarn.

The pattern is off to the tech editor, and I’m looking for a few test knitters. You don’t have to be a brioche expert, but a little brioche experience wouldn’t be amiss. If you’re interested in test knitting, please let me know in the comments.

With those three projects out the door, my needles are feeling strangely empty. I have one sample I’m knitting, and a few things sketched out in my design notebook, but I’m also tempted to knit something else just for fun.

Have you seen the Soldotna Crop from Caitlin Hunter/Boyland Knitworks? It’s a cropped top down pullover with a colorwork yoke, no sleeves. That means it’s relatively quick, and the colorwork keeps it moving along. I’ve been seeing it pop up a lot on Instagram, and I was tempted enough to buy some yarn to dream with last Friday.

Of course, now that I have the yarn, it’s 95 degrees F here in Portland, so I may postpone this project and knit something with the white Quince & Co. linen I bought last year. I’m planning to frog what I started last summer; I’ve lost interest in it. Fickle, oops.

This was going to be a swingy open backed top, stockinette with just that bit of lace at the hem. I need a little more something to keep me engaged; that’s a lot of stockinette. Buh-bye! I’m perusing my stitch dictionaries for a simple, easily memorized lace pattern. I’ll start a simple little top with it and see how far I get. I do love linen for its lovely drape and swing.

What are you knitting this summer?

9 responses to “Hopscotch scarf, and what’s next on the needles

  1. Hi MIchelle,
    I actually have a skein if colored Chroma and one if Natural? Does it take more than one each? I’ve yet to do brioche but it was on my knitting bucket list. I’d like to attempt testing it. I also live in the Portland area and took a photo class with you at Twisted.
    Thank you,

  2. Jean Martin

    I love the hopscotch. I am an advanced intermediate knitter, but have never tried brioche. If you need another tester I’d be willing and eager to try it out.

  3. Ann Reynolds

    If you are still looking for test knitters for the hopscotch scarf, I’m volunteering. Have done some brioche and as an advanced brioche beginner I’d love to try this. You are always coming out with wonderful ideas.

  4. Ooh, that’s really pretty! I -wish- I had time to test-knit your scarf!

    And yes. Summer knitting means linen and cotton, which is also lots of fun! Love to see how that top turns out!

  5. I am a perpetual beginner knitter, and my experience with brioche was your petite brioche pattern. Would love to be a tester if you would like this level of feedback .

  6. Would like to test knit — intermediate+ knitter, have done two brioche projects (neither was syncopated, but I’m game).

  7. That is a nifty pattern! Looking forward to doing this one when it comes out 🙂 Summer is definitely linen and cotton knitting. Right now I am making Forest Weave with linen along with a bunch of other little projects 🙂

    • I guess I wasn’t ready to give up the worsted weight knitting yet! The heavy linen is making me very happy today.

      I like your beaded shawl; it’s coming along well!


      • It has such a nice feel to it, and you know it’s going to be such a great summer garment 🙂
        Thank you – it is going OK! Though there has been a little frogging here and there. But that’s to be expected!