iPhone photography workshop review

Gale Zucker, knitwear photographer extraordinaire, was in town last weekend for TNNA. We worked out a way for her to do a workshop here through the Puddletown Knitters Guild. It was great!

I’ve taught iPhone knitting photography before, and wanted to take Gale’s class to see what more I could add to my toolbox. I’m pretty good with basic photography and composition, and adept with the editing apps. But she’s got a GREAT eye, and that comes from talent and years of practice. I’ll keep working at it!

We practiced making a flat lay, and also went outside to practice on each other. Here’s the evolution of my flat lay.

First, just laying it out with a sheer background.

I added a Bullet Journal for interest, keeping the limited color palette.

She said to throw in something that you might think was ridiculous, and these pompoms were ridiculous. But something about that color pop was intriguing.

So I added this color contrasty fake succulent. And I liked it. Except for the hole in the middle.

Here’s the finished, edited picture. I like it much better than the picture that is currently on the Concentric Bed Socks pattern, so I’ll be changing that up, eventually.

I’ll be incorporating new tips into my iPhone knitting photography class. The next one is scheduled for March 24 at For Yarn’s Sake in Beaverton. Come play!

By the way, Knit Circus has just put together a yarn kit for Concentric Bed Socks. They have several color options, too. These are fabulously luxurious, absolutely gorgeous gradients combined with a semi-solid for heels and toes. Lovely.

Check out this Love is Love and Bedrock combo. Sweet!

Hope you’re staying warm and toasty! We’re having a little snow event here in the Pacific Northwest. I hope it doesn’t mess up my Madrona plans next week. Fingers crossed!

7 responses to “iPhone photography workshop review

  1. Jacqueline Lydston

    I hope to see you at Madrona! I’ll be taking the train up on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

  2. Since work gave me an iphone, I find I use it quite a bit for pictures, because it’s suprisingly decent! You can get some little pop on lenses that let you do macro and stuff like that. I still love my DSLR though, and you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

    • I have a couple pop on lenses that DH gave me for my birthday last year. I used the macro a couple times on my 6s. I don’t know that it would work on my XS, since the camera lens sticks up from the body, and there’s a dual lens setup. I guess I should find out!


  3. Really interesting to see how the different elements affect the look of the photo! The class sounds like it was pretty neat! Your socks do look really cushy and cozy!

    • It was a great class! Now to make myself take the time to play with elements, as opposed to falling into my usual ways. Although I do love my yarn on piano pictures, and they’re my signature look so you know it’s me when you see them. It’s more the shawl pix that I need to work on, with live models. It’s hard to be in front of and behind the camera at the same time! I like the creative control behind the camera, but I also feel like I should start being the face of my own brand. Partly because my models keep growing up and going away to college!


      • Sounds like you learned a lot! Photography is a valuable skill, especially when you are marketing designs, as you are. Your pics do look great to me, but it’s true that there are always things to be learned 🙂 And the models growing up and going to college is definitely a factor!