December Aloha, and happy new year!

We ran away to the sun in early December, and had a fabulous time. There was even knitting involved.

We saw turtles and tide pools.

Honu at Ai’opio Beach

Tide pool at Wawaloli Beach

Shingle urchins

We visited an octopus research facility…

And watched sunsets and moonsets.

Waning crescent moonset Dec. 8, 2018

Eventually we had to come home…

It’s been a good year, knit-wise. I published 13 patterns this year (the newest one, Concentric Bed Socks, will be out tomorrow), and taught at retreats, festivals, and yarn shops. Designing and teaching go hand in hand for me.

What will 2019 bring? More of the same, I hope!

I’m working on a collaboration with Knitted Wit for March. It’s flying along, and I hope to be done with the knitting next week.

What do you want to knit in 2019?

5 responses to “December Aloha, and happy new year!

  1. Lucky you! What a wonderful place to visit!

  2. Anna Guillemot

    Thank you, Michele, for the wonderful virtual trip! Gorgeous pictures! At least if you ever retire from knitting, you can get a job at National Geographic.
    I wish you a very happy and creative New Year, too!

  3. You travel a lot.

    Beautiful bed socks. In my queue.

  4. Exquisite scenery there in lovely Hawaii. Lucky you! My current knitting (and into 2019) includes a request from my daughter for a Hitchhiker.

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