Knitting for the near future

I’ve been knitting up a storm.

Here’s a sneak peek of my newest shawl, coming soon. It’s called Lucky Star. You may now have a Madonna song running through your head. You’re welcome.

You know that hump that happens at the center neck of top down crescent shawls? I didn’t want that on Lucky Star, so I’ve worked on minimizing it. I’m making a tutorial on how to do that. It’s coming soon, too. I’m debuting it in my Favorite Shawl Shapes class at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this Saturday morning.

I’ve been knitting little samples for class, too. We’re going to have fun talking about shape and design.

You can still register for this class on-site. You can knit these little shapes, too!

What are you knitting now?

5 responses to “Knitting for the near future

  1. Yvonne Cutright

    Michele – this shawl is wonderful! Can hardly wait to see it in person.


    • Such a quick and easy knit, too! I showed it off at Puddletown, but I think you were traveling. I’m planning to knit a gradient version, quick as a wink, before I release it next month.

      See you at OFFF?


  2. So wish you would come east so I could take your shawl shapes class. I love designing my own shawls and sometimes struggle with construction when the shape in my head is not the one coming off my needles.

  3. Looking forward to the garter tab tutorial – I tried a bunch of things to fix this on a shawl earlier in the year, but I tried to do it with short rows, sominstead of lowering the hump, I was trying to raise the dips on either side. It sort of worked. May I ask, by “a longer tab”, do you mean knitting more rows on the tab?