Just Enough Lace, and ebook giveaway

Introducing Just Enough Lace, my shawl in the new Delicate Details book from Knit Picks.

Just Enough Lace is an asymmetric bias triangle which begins at the small end and grows to a sweeping finish. It’s knit flat and the body of the shawl and the edging are knit simultaneously. No separately knit on border here! I designed it with four 50g balls of Gloss Fingering (70/30 merino/silk), but really, you can make it as big or as small as you like.

The simple leaf lace edging and eyelet stripe in the stockinette stitch body of the shawl are just enough lace to keep the knitting engaging, but not so much as to overwhelm a new lace knitter or an experienced multi-tasker.

Beads are optional on the leafy lace edging, but I really like them for sparkle and a bit of weight for drape.

I had my beaded purple sample at the Knit Picks Knit Pick-nic on Saturday for a sneak peek. Several people asked about how the beads are added, and I’m happy to say they’re bead as you go. No pre-stringing here! A lovely thing about this shawl is that it’s just enough beads, too. You never have more than two in any given row, so it’s a nice project for a first time beader.

Edge detail and original submission swatch

You can add beads with a very small crochet hook, but I prefer using a Bead Aid. I split the yarn much less often this way. Here’s a blog post from 2014 about putting beads in your knitting.

The Delicate Details book is full of lace accessories that are appropriate for newer lace knitters, or lace knitters that like a relaxed knitting experience. You can purchase the book or e-book from Knit Picks here, and you can also purchase the patterns individually. Here’s a Ravelry link to all the designs.

I’m giving away a copy of the Delicate Details e-book. To enter, leave a comment here on the blog by June 28. If you’d like an extra chance to win, subscribe to my newsletter and reply there, too. (Subscription link here. If you’re already subscribed, you should receive the newsletter today.)

Good luck!

And a reminder that my summer knitting pattern sale runs through June 20; 15% off with coupon code SUMMER. For newsletter subscribers, the discount is 25% off; that code will be in your newsletter. All patterns and ebooks which are available from me through my Ravelry shop are eligible; there is no limit but the code is good for a single use only.

Two more bits of eye candy: First off, finished hats from my Petite Brioche class at Stash in Corvallis. I love it when you send me pictures of your FOs. Thanks to Peggy, Cassandra, and Deb!

Second, some yarn in my stash that is calling my name, rather loudly! I hope what it’s telling me is what it really wants to be.

Happy knitting!

23 responses to “Just Enough Lace, and ebook giveaway

  1. I was waiting for you to post the info on that shawl . Naturally I would love a chance for the Knit Picks book the Delicate Details e-book.

  2. Well I just checked out all of the patterns in the e-books and there are several I am interested in. Will wait until the end of June to order the book -‘just-in-case’ 😉

  3. Leslie Fischgrund

    That is a really nice shawl. Thanks for sharing the details.

  4. Lisa L Jones

    Hi Michelle, it was a pleasure meeting you at the KnitPicks Picnic! I’m looking forwarding to getting started on that beaded scarf very soon! –Lisa

  5. What a beautiful shawl. I have never tried adding beads to my knitting but maybe it is time to try.old

  6. Jane Penrose

    Thank you for the link to Bead Aid! I have a few beading tools and have the same problem with splitting. This looks like the perfect solution.
    Just Enough Lace is a lovely shawl.

  7. Pretty shawl! And I agree – I love beads in a shawl for drape and sparkle!

  8. Beautiful shawl that looks like it would be fun to knit and also have something so pretty when your done! What a win/win! I have never done beads but know I will have to on this shawl! Love the look with beads but also without! May have to make two! Thanks for the wonderful pattern!

  9. Ooooooooooooo…..pretty Knitted Wit things.

  10. Amber Nagel

    Its beautiful and its fun to add beading to knitting!

  11. Really curious what you will know out of the gumballs. Please share when you figure it out.

  12. Beautiful knitted shawls! I got a start on your techniques by taking your class at Twisted. Now I can’t stop knitting! Thank you.

  13. More lovely shawls. I think I see a similar leaf motif as you used in Falling Leaves. It made a lovely shawl.

  14. Another beautiful pattern! I love the beads.

  15. Pdxknitterati and Knitpicks! My favorite twosome. With Pdxknitterati’s enthusiasm and pattern in Knitpicks yarn another dream comes flying off my needles. Go lace!

  16. Marilyn peskin

    I just retired after over 50 years as the CEO of 2 businesses; it it now time to free my soul and knit like crazy. I began knitting 60 years ago when I made my first baby blanket for my first baby. I was in a car accident which left me with a useless right arm for over a year and I mourned my inability to knit. I love your mailings; your philosophy; your works. The e-book would put me right on my path of creativity. Here is hoping and praying. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

    • Congratulations on your retirement! Thanks for your kind words. Good luck in the drawing!

      Michele Sent from my iPhone Please forgive any thumb-typing errors


  17. I love your designs, but even more so, your *attitude* about knitting & design. Have a ton of Gloss in my stash… would LOVE am ebook with this design!

  18. The shawl is lovely, as are several other designs in the book. I’d love to have a copy