Wool Tinctures, cats, Nine Lives

It was a busy weekend!

Remember the dye project we bought from Abundant Earth Fiber? We loved meeting Lydia Christiansen and learning about her milling and spinning on Whidbey Island. Lydia’s entire inventory was stolen, along with her trailer, on her way to Stitches West, and she is working hard to get back up to speed. We wanted to support her business, and get to play with color, too!

Saturday was the day. My yarn is worsted weight domestic merino, and Lisa’s is DK weight 80/20 merino and Rambouillet.

I love how tidy this whole setup is. This plus yarn plus hot water.

Why yes, I’m dyeing my yarn in a Lego bucket. It’s usually the wastebasket in my studio. Lisa is classier, and is using a ceramic bowl.

This dye is exhausted!

My yarn is slightly semi-solid. Because I dunked one end in first? Insufficient stirring? It’s pretty, though.

Lucy approves! Thanks to Lucy and Lisa for hosting the fun.

It was a cat filled weekend. I was catsitting for both my kids, who were away on two different trips. This is MisMis. She’s very friendly…with people. She’s a great only cat.

And this is Gator. He’s very handsome, and very amiable, too. Gator is coming to live with us for a while, if he and Biscuit can get along. We’re just starting a slow introduction.

There’s been some growling and hissing on Biscuit’s part, but we’re not getting them face to face for a few days. Wish us luck!

Gator is currently chilling in my studio.

And! Speaking of cats, it’s time for the drawing for the Knit Picks Nine Lives Collection. The winner is: Margo! I’ve emailed her for her addy so I can send her the book. Thanks to Knit Picks for their support for Knitters with Kitters at Purringtons, and thanks to you for reading and playing!

6 responses to “Wool Tinctures, cats, Nine Lives

  1. Love that dye idea of the packets. I might do more dyeing with that process. And good luck on the kitties. Hopefully they’ll learn to smell each other as friends.

    • She made it really easy; the dye packets were pre-measured for the amount of fiber. So there wasn’t any waste, and we could tell when the dye was exhausted (water was pretty clear). A fun experience!

  2. Jacqueline Lydston

    That color is beautiful!! If you feed the kitties near each other but on opposite sides of the closed door they’ll get to thinking that that Other Cat smell goes with yummy dinner and feel more calm.

    • Yes, we’ve been feeding them on opposite sides of the door. I let them see each other through the glass door this morning (moved the lacy curtain) and there was no hissing or growling. Getting better!


  3. Oh my gosh …. Gator is gorgeous. If it doesn’t work out at YOUR house, send him over here!!!! LOL

    • He’s pretty magnificent! I pet him with grooming gloves this morning; he loved it. Purrrrrrrr!

      But I don’t think he’d enjoy the commute to your place, so we’ll see if we can make it work here…no growling or hissing through the door this morning!