Crafty Moms 15.0, plus FlexiFlips needle review

This past weekend was the 15th annual Crafty Moms weekend at the Oregon Coast, whoa. Fifteen years of friendship and fun.

Fifteen years of beautiful sunsets and walks on the beach, and projects we may or may not remember.

I’m putting the rest of the pretty scenic pictures at the end of the post, so I can talk knitting at the beginning.

I started Anna on her first brioche project. Petite Brioche, of course! Funny how her colors match her clothes. Everyone has a palette, right?

I finished my green brioche design project (no pix yet) and went back to my Nymphaea Shawl. This one is in Bumblebirch Heartwood, Atlantic and Hellebore. The colors might seem familiar to you; I used them in my Tumbling Leaves Shawl, too. It’s a very different look when you feature the blue instead of the green.

(Love this view)

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the rest of the beads, so I didn’t get very far. Oops.

The blue/brown yarn is Malabrigo Mechita in Cielo y Tierra (Sky and Earth). Perfect name.

I sketched and charted an idea for this yarn combo, but it wasn’t cooperating in the swatch, so I set that aside, too.

I’ve been wanting a pair of worsted weight socks, and I’ve been wanting to try Skacel’s new FlexiFlips needles. They come in a set of 3; these are US5. They’re like dpns except they’re flexible in the middle. One end has an Addi Rocket tip, and the other has an Addi Turbo tip, so you can choose your desired pointiness. I like the pointier of the two tips.

The idea is that you hold the work on 2 needles, like using 2 circulars or magic loop. The third needle is the working needle. This means you have one fewer needle than when working on dpns, and no flappy needles as in 2 circulars, and no loopy ends as in magic loop. I don’t mind dpns, but one fewer interruption in the knitting is nice. And I don’t mind magic loop, but that gets a little dicey with brioche and the YOs.

Verdict: I like them! I cruised through most of a cuff down sock, pausing only to puzzle out how I wanted to arrange the heel/gusset stitches. What I’m not loving is that this blue yarn is leaving dye all over my hands. I look like a Smurf.

The dye washes off my hands pretty easily, but now that I’m home the project is in time out. According to my dyer friends, I should treat the yarn with a good bath and some citric acid and heat. It’s a pretty big skein; I could:

  • Finish knitting the socks and then treat them
  • abandon this sock and just reskein and treat the rest of the yarn, hoping there’s enough for a pair
  • or frog the sock and reskein and treat all of it, then knit

What would you do? I’m afraid to wash some but not all of the yarn; there’s a good chance I’d end up with two different colors.

I also tried a small brioche sample with the FlexiFlips, and I liked them for that, too. Mmmm, brioche. I don’t know that I’d want to buy a set in every size; they’re $24/set. Maybe one more set in a reasonable sock size? This is breaking my 5 year sock knitting hiatus!

Now that I’m home, I’m back to knitting Nymphaea. This is the shawl for the Fall Shawl Retreat with me and Laurinda Reddig in November. I want to have a sample in semi-solids; the original is in gradient mini skeins. I may want one in a continuous gradient, too. It’s a pretty simple and zen knit!

As promised, more pictures below.

What’s wrong with this picture?

We didn’t have an iron


Gorgeous Monday morning

Nature signs her handiwork with a flourish

Leftovers for Monday morning breakfast. Here’s to friends!

11 responses to “Crafty Moms 15.0, plus FlexiFlips needle review

  1. That kind of weekend is the BEST kind of weekend! Bonus with ice cream for dessert. What a gorgeous view — do you stay in a house or a hotel??

    • We rent a big house so we have kitchens and don’t have to go out unless we want to! It’s an upstairs/downstairs house, but we always take both units. We’ve been at the same house for 15 years. It used to be in the family of one of our peeps, but one of the co-owners bought the others out a couple years ago. Still like extended family!


  2. Would it be too much of a faff to put your knitting on waste yarn, reskein the cake and treat the lot together. I’d do anything to avoid frogging work I’ve already done!

  3. Leslie Fischgrund

    I hate to rip it out unless it is sheer necessity (i.e., I can see the mistake with my glasses off at 30 mph). So I would deal with blue hands, finish the socks and then try to set the color.

    • That’s what I’d do, too. Once the socks are done, you can reskein the rest and either set it with the finished socks or separately (doesn’t really matter if it ends up a different colour at that point).

    • I don’t wanna rip, either! But I’m not relishing the thought of blue hands again now that I’m home. I’m liking binneadairspinner’s idea of waste yarn and treating WIP and yarn all at once. It would be a fun science experiment! And you know I’d do that, for a bloggable moment.


  4. Anna Guillemot

    Totally agree with Leslie and Brenda! Put up with the blue hands and treat the finished socks. There used to be a hand cream called “Gloves in a Bottle.” I wonder if it would insulate against the blue dye.
    Lovely photos, thank you for the virtual trip!

    • I’m not relishing the thought of blue hands again now that I’m home. I’m liking binneadairspinner’s idea of holding the sock WIP on waste yarn and treating WIP and yarn all at once. We shall see! Currently knitting on Nymphaea with no interest in the sock…


  5. I just bought a set of those Flexi-Flips in 2.5mm. There is a bit of a learning curve for me, but I think I’m going to like them.