New patterns: Brioche Hat Trick!

Well all that brioche knitting had to turn into something!

These are the three hat patterns in the Brioche Hat Trick e-book, available through Ravelry as a pdf download. I went for a botanical theme, so they’re Clematis Seed (the swirly seed pod), Golden Chain (Laburnum tree), and Heliotrope (heliotropism is the directional growth of a plant towards sunlight, and the leaves on this hat are seeking the sun.) Clematis Seed is the simplest of the three; it’s plain brioche rib until you get to the swirly top. Golden Chain and Heliotrope are great next steps with a bit of simple increasing and decreasing to form the stitch patterns.

I wasn’t planning to write up the cowls, but I was halfway there already. The Brioche Hat Trick e-book has patterns for three hats and two cowls. The patterns are $6 each, or the whole e-book of five patterns for $16.

If it’s just one stitch pattern you’re in love with, the Heliotrope Hat and Cowl patterns are available as a set for $9, and the Golden Chain Hat and Cowl patterns are also available as a set for the same price.

These are all knit with heavy worsted/Aran weight yarn. I used Malabrigo Worsted for everything except the Heliotrope Cowl; that piece is made with Malabrigo Rios and Wisdom Yarns Poems Silk Multi. I’ve been wearing it constantly since it came off my needles last week.

As part of this pattern release, I made a video tutorial! There’s a link to it in each of the patterns, and I’ve also updated my free pattern Petite Brioche to include the link, too.

I’m not sure I’m ready to return to lacy fingering weight shawls. Perhaps a fingering weight brioche detour is in my future! But not until after Madrona this weekend. Back to prepping for classes!

4 responses to “New patterns: Brioche Hat Trick!

  1. Wow, those color combinations you chose are just captivating. It makes brioche look just a little bit less intimidating to a beginner like me.

    • Thank you! I was a beginner last year, so I think you should dive and and try it. The Petite Brioche headband pattern is free, and it now has a video tutorial. Have fun!


  2. Your old, emphasize old, blog colleague is taking up knitting and finishing a difficult petit point after 25 years and can’t even cast on. Book or YouTube? No way I’ll get to where you are in knitting or inspiration for your designs. I tried to cast on for a test scarf, wood needles #10 and soft wool and wound it too tight and it was certainly not relaxing or something I could do at a get-together without being intensively focused on something other than the guests I need to feed and entertain. Please direct me, PDX. Dee