Two steps forward at the coast, one step back at home

I finished this hat on Saturday evening, but changed my mind about the crown shaping. About to start that again.

In other news, happy birthday to DH! I decided to get cases for his autographed baseballs. They’ve been rolling around in a drawer for 30 years, so it’s about time we did something with them. Top to bottom: 1984 Portland Beavers (AAA farm team for the Phillies back then, and DH’s first job in baseball); 1986 World Champion NY Mets (DH’s first year working in Major League Baseball); 1968 St. Louis Cardinals (boyhood home team).

My Saturday stranded colorwork class was full, and my Sunday class was cancelled, so I ran away to the coast overnight.

Sasquatch lives! The ocean was rough, and the wind was intense, but the coast always clears my mind and brings me joy.

What’s bringing you joy this winter? I’ll have more joy when these hats are done!

5 responses to “Two steps forward at the coast, one step back at home

  1. The coast is breathtaking!

  2. Just finished the Basic Brioche Beanie. I just wanted to be done with it by this point, otherwise I might have futzed around with how they did the decreases so that it was still reversible. Might figure out a way to attach a pompom when its on the opposite side as a work around, though I’m not normally a pompom fan.

    Curious how you solve this. 😉

    • I saw that one and didn’t like the finishing. I definitely get the “I want to be done with this!” feeling after miles of brioche rib! I just re-worked the top of my brioche rib hat…TWICE. Because I kept thinking of ways it could look better. Now I love it! Coming soon.


  3. Being back *HOME* is bringing me JOY! Happy birthday to Phil and as we say in THIS house —- GO! PHILLIES!