Birthday wildfire and hurricanes

Hurricane Harvey fundraiser update: Thank you for participating in my fundraiser! I just sent the proceeds to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. I’m paying the PayPal and Ravelry fees, so all the pattern sale money goes to the fund.

I’m also matching the donation with a donation to UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Their US Disaster Response fund will provide relief beyond Houston, and I wanted to spread the love a little further. What I like about UMCOR is that all donated funds go towards the specific relief goal. Administrative costs are raised through One Great Hour of Sharing, and don’t come out of the disaster relief donations.

I’m really touched by the knitting community’s efforts. There are many designers raising funds for disaster relief, and I’m happy to be a part of it. I’ve purchased several patterns, too. Put it all together and we’re a mighty force!

Today is my birthday, and it’s a strange one. The beautiful Columbia River Gorge is ablaze with a wildfire caused by teens playing with fireworks in the tinder dry forest. It started Saturday on the Eagle Creek trail, and is now at about 5000 acres. (Edit, noon 9/5/17: 10,000 acres.)

Punchbowl FallsPunchbowl Falls in 2014

I hiked here in September 2014; pretty pictures in blog post here. It won’t look like again this for a long time. Right now, Multnomah Falls is surrounded by fire, and the historic Multnomah Falls Lodge is threatened. My heart is breaking for one of my favorite happy places.

Ash is falling here in Portland, 40 to 50 miles away.

Even closer to home, Biscuit isn’t feeling well, so I’ve laid out a buffet to tempt her appetite. Not working yet. She was at the vet yesterday (Labor Day!) and if she doesn’t perk up today, will be back there tomorrow.

So happy birthday to me. Pray for rain for the fires, and good thoughts for relief workers, firefighters, and the Biscuit, please!

6 responses to “Birthday wildfire and hurricanes

  1. Happy Birthday, even with all the ash and the sobering reality of the wildfire burning up the Gorge (10,000 acres now and counting…), and Biscuit doing poorly, I hope that the day will bring delightful episodes of pure joy.

  2. Such a powerful woman! What a Kick Ass Birthday commemoration!

    Happy Birthday Michele-I am so proud to be your friend!!!

    A hurricane of knitters, designers, and other powerful, creative, compassionate people-

    We’ve sent ours on through UMCORP too. I do wish I was sharing in your bubbly 🙂 We love you- Becky

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  3. Aw, poor Biscuit, hope your fur-kid feels better soon. Prayers for all – west coast and east coast – too bad the weather on each coast can’t be blended a bit (less water for Florida/Texas, more on the west to put out the fires). Happy B-day, not one you’ll forget.

  4. Hope Bisquit is back to her old self soon. It makes us sad when our fur babies aren’t well.