Blocking is magic! As ever…

I just bound off my Go Tell the Bees shawlette, KAL version. It’s blocking in the shade of the bamboo in the backyard.

So pretty! I’m using flexible Inspinknity Ultra-Fine Blocking Wires for the top curve, and pinning out each point. I measure to make sure the points are the same length as they are paired (center two, next two out, etc). I suppose I could run a wire around the pointy edge, too, but if I’m measuring out each point, it seems like it would be redundant.

I love how quickly blocking dries outside. But precautions are necessary.

I have a piece of screen door mesh over my shawlette. Why? Once upon a time, a bird pooped on my blocking. Lesson learned.

This should be dry in a couple hours. By then, I’ll have another shawl bound off, and hope to block that this afternoon. Progress!

What’s your summer knitting?

6 responses to “Blocking is magic! As ever…

  1. Stunning color choice for the pattern!

  2. Leigh Anne Halpert

    I too am on the blocking phase. Joji V Nevk Boxy in fingering weight.

    Your shawl is beautiful!

  3. Love the colors! I’m in a bit of a knitting funk at the moment – having trouble getting gauge for a pair of socks and need to find the right size needles to cast on the Go Tell the Bees shawl (yarn is wound and ready)…

  4. Sweater for my August-baby nephew! Thing takes longer every year, though. He keeps getting bigger…