Rescuing a dropped YO at WWKIP Day

It was a jam packed weekend! I was a guest designer at the Knit Picks WWKIP Day Knit Pick-nic, where I worked on my Go Tell the Bees KAL.

I love how my mannequin Lacey has my yarn ball tucked into her decolletage. I’m knitting with Knit Picks Stroll Gradient in Ice Sculpture. The project is well under way. While I was knitting, I noticed an error because I was one stitch short in one of my repeats. Usually this happens because I dropped a YO while purling back on the wrong side row. I don’t count stitches on the WS rows; this is my time to chat or watch tv or read. I find the mistake on the next right side row.

Do you have to rip/tink back two rows to fix this? NO WAY. I’d never get anything done. I made a video of this easy fix. It was a chilly day here in PDX, so I’m wearing my Beanstalk/Trellis Vines mitts sample, trying to get warm.

Hope this helps!

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind. We saw Ira Glass (This American Life) at the Schnitz, I had my Go Tell the Bees KAL party at Pearl Fiber Arts, and I sang with my harmony singing class at a benefit for Artichoke Community Music. Whew!

How was your weekend? Did you knit in public?

2 responses to “Rescuing a dropped YO at WWKIP Day

  1. I knitted in public on Sunday! Brian had a gig at the Vancouver Farmer’s market. The cowl I’m working on has been to meetings at work (today too), the farmer’s market, my back porch, Lovejoy Fountain park behind my building, and the lobby of my building during a break or lunch.

    If I could manage to stop goobering the pattern, I’d be done already. It’s one of those patterns that is super easy, but I can’t seem to do it right, reading the knitting doesn’t work as it always seems to look wrong, and I can’t wait to be DONE!! Seriously.

  2. I knit in public too! My LYS had an event at one of the local parks, so I took my knitting and hung out under the trees.

    I’m glad you could fix your YO without too many problems, and that it was an easy fix. I agree with you. The plain purl side of lace is the change to watch TV and chatter. The knit side is the side you have to pay attention!