Same song, second verse

I finished knitting my Stopover last night, and it’s on to the color pops! I like duplicate stitch for this part, so I don’t have to commit to a color until the very end. I used the spring green last night. In the light of day, I’m not sure it has enough pop when used as single stitches.

Stopover color pop

The other auditioning colors, from left to right:
Lopi yellow, Lopi orange, Lopi rose, Malabrigo purple, and Malabrigo yellow.

I like the Lopi yellow, except it makes the red start to read more brick than garnet. I like garnet. The rose is monochromatically girly. I could also keep the spring green. What do you think?

To me, this is the most fun part of the project!

9 responses to “Same song, second verse

  1. Any blue leftover from the other sweater? what about that black you didn’t use? perhaps a charcoal? I think I have a dark charcoal that isn’t black. Without seeing additional choices, I agree that the rose is pretty darned girly – too sweet in my opinion. I like the yellow, but would agree that if it shifted the color, I would nix it. I like garnet better too. The purple is nice, but doesn’t call to me too hard.

  2. I like the spring. The Malabrigo yellow seems to “pop” too much like the lopi yellow better. The others seem to melt into the garnet. Only my opinion – worth 2 cents. I bought lopi at the beginning of the year for the bang-out but my recently replaced shoulder didn’t want to co-operate. Should get it out and start Banging tomorrow.

  3. I’m honestly not too keen on any of the ones pictured… a sapphire pop keeps coming to my mind.

  4. I like a mix of several colors.

  5. usually I never vote yellow, but this time I am.

  6. I like the use of the different colors instead of just one! Ymmv. Happy New Year!

  7. Kathryn Mason Gearheard

    I’m into the orange

  8. I vote for the yellow!

  9. I would leave the different colors. I’m with revknits.