Introducing: Ships in the Night Shawl

It finally stopped raining, so I had the chance to photograph my newest shawl design: Ships in the Night.

Ships in the Night

This was my comfort knitting when Bisquee/Biscuit/BellaTrix/Trix was ill after her adventures in the fireplace. It’s probably the most soothing knit I’ve ever designed. So much zen garter stitch, with just enough Fibonacci sequence thrown into the striping that you don’t fall asleep knitting. “Ships in the Night” refers to the Fibonacci stripe patterns gliding past each other. I knit mine with two coordinating skeins of Knitted Wit’s Victory Sock yarn.

Ships in the Night shawl wingspan

It’s an absolute joy to wear, too. Worn on the shoulders, the ends hang down nearly to my knees. It’s like a great big garter stitch hug.

Ships in the Night Shawl

Worn scarf style, it feels luxuriantly engulfing. Ella is much taller than I am, so it’s not quite as engulfing on her. Your mileage may vary. You could also wear it bandanna style, with both ends hanging in front. I did that yesterday.

For long-time readers who want to know: Bobbi is away at college, and Ella stepped in to help me out. Thanks, Ella!

The pattern is available through Ravelry, pattern page here. I’m offering 20% off the price of the pattern to subscribers of my new newsletter through November 15. Have you signed up? Leave a comment below if you’d like to. You’ll also receive my Lobelia Shawl/Shawlette pattern, free.

I’m hoping you’ll love this comfort knitting. It’s election week here in the USA, and I think many of us could use a chill pill right about now!

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  2. Leigh Anne Halpert

    What is the coupon code for Ships in the night shawl?

  3. hardenbrookgirl

    Love the designs pictured above. Looking forward to more.

  4. Hooray!!! I’ve been waiting for this one–I have the perfect yarn in my stash. 🙂

    • So glad you like it! It’s a perfect stashbuster, especially if you have a variegated that doesn’t know what it wants to be. I love mixing variegated yarn with a semi-solid…everybody’s happy. Have fun!


  5. This is gorgeous. I signed up a few days ago, how do I get the discount?

  6. I would love to receive your newsletter. Thank you!

  7. Sheila Richardson

    Pretty sure I am signed up; just in case I’m not:

  8. It’s a beautiful shawl.

  9. Yes, please sign me up for your new newsletter!