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Coming soon: the PDXKnitterati newsletter! What’s in it for you? Hot news about new designs, new classes, and what I’m up to next. I’ll offer discounts on new designs, just for subscribers. And as an extra thank you, you’ll also receive a coupon for a free copy of my Lobelia Shawl and Shawlette pattern through Ravelry.

Lobelia Shawl

If you’d like to sign up, please leave a comment below (your email won’t show publicly, but I can see it), or email me at pdxknitterati(at)comcast(dot)net (replace the at with @ and the dot with a period, and you’re all set). I plan on sending newsletters once or twice a month; I don’t want to overwhelm either of us. And I won’t share your email with anyone. Yes, I’m going to learn to automate the sign-up process, but not today!

Ships in the Night

I have two new designs in the pipeline, nearly ready to publish, and I’ll be offering discounts only through the newsletter. I’ve been wearing this one a lot; it’s my current favorite.

Don’t forget, comment or email me to subscribe, and I’ll put you on the list. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Michelle!

    I am not sure how the newsletter will be different from what you are sending now, but I’d love to subscribe to it.

    Thanks! Darla Myron


    • Good question, Darla! Really it’s so that things that are time sensitive (new design launch coupon codes) make it to your attention without relying on Facebook or Twitter or other social media to get it to you. And I’ll also offer bonus content just for subscribers. Thanks for subscribing! Look for a newsletter in the next few days.


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    • You’re on my blog email subscriber list, so you’re alerted to new blog posts. The newsletter is a little different; design launch discounts will be coming through the newsletter from now on, instead of on the blog. There will be other goodies, too. Let me know if you want the newsletter subscription!


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