Re-introducing: Twin Leaf Crescent

The publishing rights to my Twin Leaf Crescent shawl returned to me this month, and to celebrate I added a shawlette option.

Twin Leaf wingspan

The original shawl that I designed for Black Trillium Fibres used her beautiful 5 miniskein 165g gradient set. The layers of color are gorgeous.

twin leaf shawlette

The new shawlette that I designed uses Canon Hand Dyes 100g/460 yard continuous gradient. See how the color concentrates on the leafy border, and then softly shades up from there?

I love them both!

The pattern is 20% off with code TWINNING through 6/27/16.

Coco blocking

In other news, there’s a new kitty in the house! Meet Coco. She wanted to help block my new shawlette, but I didn’t think that was the best idea.

Coco and Mook pillow

She has very big socks to fill, but she appears to be up to the challenge. Very outgoing, very sweet and polite. When I met her, she was doing this:

Coco Trix

How could I resist?

Lastly, to celebrate Worldwide Knit in Public Day, all of my patterns are 20% off through this weekend (Saturday Sunday) with code WWKIP. (You can only use one code or the other.)

Knit on, in public or in private!

7 responses to “Re-introducing: Twin Leaf Crescent

  1. Jane Penrose

    Thank you for the 20% off coupon. I used it to purchase the Twin Leaf Shawl/Shawlette as well as a few of your other beautiful patterns.
    Coco is adorable. May you share many happy years with your new family member.

    • You’re welcome! Enjoy your knitting! I’m working on a couple new things, and I love new things. The thrill of a new beginning!

      Coco is very sweet, but occasionally needs a big play session to get her yayas out. Gotta get the red dot!


  2. Coco is adorable.

    I know a sweet, single male if she should ever come east. LOL

    • I wonder if either of them are social with other cats? Coco loves people, and may like cats, too. She wasn’t at Purrington’s long enough to tell, other than she was never mean to the other cats.


  3. Coco is beautiful – absolutely irresistible.

    • Thank you! Now if only she didn’t seem to want to bolt out the door every time I approach it…we’re indoor only! Maybe I need to build a catio.


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