Snagged! and fixed

You’re a knitter. You wear knits. And you’ve probably had that doomed feeling when you feel your beautiful knit garment catch on something and PULL.

snagged twin leaf

In my case, it was my beautiful Twin Leaf Crescent. I wore it for the first time on Sunday, and when I was taking it off, it got caught on the hook at the top of the zipper of my dress. Ouch.

snagged ws twin leaf

It looked a lot worse than this when I first saw it; there was a three inch loop of yarn sticking up on the wrong side, and the row of stockinette stitches was all compressed. I fixed half of it before thinking to take a picture. That’s the purl side with the compressed row.

I started from the center of the pull, and eased out the excess yarn back into the stitches they had come from. I just guessed how much to put into the first stitch next to the pull, but it would have been easy to adjust a stitch or two over if I had guessed wrong. The whole process was pretty simple, because the yarn had blocked the kink of the stitches into the yarn, so I could tell just how much yarn to pull back into each stitch. Yet another reason to block!

fixed snag twin leaf

All better! I’ll be sure to actually hook the hook on the dress next time. I was lazy, and it caught me!

twin leaf blocking closeup

4 responses to “Snagged! and fixed

  1. Whew! That’s stunning; I’m so glad you were able to fix it easily!

  2. This handy trick is handy for snags, fixing sloppy stitches, tidying up selvedge… I’m glad it was a simple fix and not a snag with tear. Lucky you!