Inspinknity Blocking Wires Review

I bought some Inspinknity blocking wires a few months ago, in anticipation of.blocking my Twin Leaf Crescent. I had knit two of these before (one prototype, one FO) and had not loved the blocking process.

old twin leaf blocking

Scallops are hard to block! Last time I used straight blocking wires across the top, and three pins in each scallop to try to avoid a point. It was not fun trying to get all those scallops pinned out.

twin leaf blocking

This time, I used straight wires across the top again.

inspinknity twin leaf

The Inspinknity wires come in two weights, and I went with the ultra-thin wires, which are meant for lace. I threaded the Inspinknity wires along the edge of my scallops, right where the reverse stockinette edge meets the stockinette leaf. This gave me a continuous edge to pull out with pins.

twin leaf blocking closeup

twin leaf blocking

It was the easiest scalloped pin out ever! The wire kept the pinning from making things to pointy, although I did use 2 pins per scallop to get the desired shape. The high points between the scallops bounced up and were easy to place, too.

inspinknity wires

These wires are memory wire, and they’ll take whatever shape you pin out. When you’re done, they bounce back to straight. They’re stored as circles to save space. I’m hooked! Or pinned. I’ll be using these again.

twinleafkal2016 begins

I knit this shawl with yarn from the frogged prototype which had been wet blocked before. I didn’t try to get the kinks out of the yarn before reknitting. My stockinette looked a little wonky before blocking, and I hoped it would block out.

twin leaf reknit

It didn’t all even up. For some reason, it doesn’t show as much in the lace section.

I’ve re-knit a lot of yarn before, but not necessarily after wet blocking. On chunkier yarns, I don’t think it matters as much. But for this fine, smooth fingering weight, it would have been better to re-skein, soak, and hang it to straighten it out before re-using. Live and learn! I’m not frogging to re-knit again. I’m just going to call it character, or prosecco bubbles.

Do you use blocking wires? I’m in love with these!

12 responses to “Inspinknity Blocking Wires Review

  1. Great info. I bought these wires as soon as I saw them but haven’t yet used them. The hint in how to manage the pins was terrific

  2. Melanie Jackson

    I have been using blocking wires for years and I wouldn’t block any other way. I have a heavy set and a lace set and they both have their place, they really make a difference.

    • Melanie. You need to add the flexible one to your collection. They are super.

    • These are definitely a great addition to my blocking tool kit. Now I need to knit a circular or scalloped sample to have in my collection of swatches for blocking class. Seeing is believing!


  3. I kind of like how it turned out. I think of it as *An Effect*. I am on the second row of the color pop at the top. Will splurge for the Inspinknity. (Now that I’ve figured out how to pronounce it)

  4. I love how that shawl looks with the re-skeined yarn, absolutely love it . Its gorgeous in all ways. Perfect yarn and pattern together! The memory wire blockers would be great for me–I don’t enjoy blocking lace, I always rush through it and find it irritating. Like everything else, if I had the right tools, I might feel differently. I have some bendy blocking wires that help, though–just not this bendy.

    • Thank you! Every project has the potential to be a learning experience, right? And I have the perfectly smooth periwinkle version for when bubbly is too much.

      As always, good tools make work a pleasure. I think you’d love these blocking wires. Have fun!


  5. I think I need these!

  6. I use wires, but having recently blocked a crescent shawl with non-bendy wires, I think I’m pretty much sold on these.

  7. Gorgeous!